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This page lists new SFFH magazine issues seen by Locus Online.

Date in parentheses at paragraph end is date seen or received.

Issues seen June 2007
posted 6 July 2007

Analog Science Fiction and Fact

• Vol. 127 No. 9, September 2007, $3.99/C$4.99, 144pp, cover art by David A. Hardy
• Near-monthly (10 times/year) magazine of science fiction and nonfiction; published since 1930 (originally Astounding); edited by Stanley Schmidt
• Website:
• Message Board:

• This issue has novellas by Dave Creek and by C. Sanford Lowe & G. David Nordley, novelettes by E. Mark Mitchell and Uncle River, and short stories by Richard A. Lovett and Howard V. Hendrix.
• The science article is "Beyond This Point Be RFIDs", by Edward M. Lerner.
• Departments include Stanley Schmidt's editorial, which considers "Adapting" to the effect of global climate change; a Biolog by Richard A. Lovett about E. Mark Mitchell; Jeffery D. Kooistra's Alternate View column, The Supplemental View, expanding on themes of last issue's essay by Michael F. Flynn; Tom Easton's book reviews, covering Ken MacLeod, Kay Kenyon, K.A. Beford, and others; Brass Tacks letters; and Upcoming Events compiled by Anthony Lewis.
• The website has an excerpt of Dave Creek's story.

(Wed 20 Jun 2007)


Asimov's Science Fiction

• Vol. 31 No. 8 (whole #379), August 2007, $3.99/C$4.99, 144pp, cover art by Jim Burns
• Near-monthly (10 times/year) SF magazine; published since 1977; edited by Sheila Williams
• Website:
• Message Board:

• Novelettes in this issue are by Rudy Rucker & Bruce Sterling, Kathleen Ann Goonan, and Tom Purdom; short stories are by Daryl Gregory, Tim McDaniel, Justin Stanchfield, and Jack Skillingstead. Poetry is by Greg Beatty.
• Departments include Sheila Williams' editorial, discussing winners of this year's Dell Magazines Award; Robert Silverberg's Reflections column, about Decoding Cuneiform, and James Patrick Kelly's "On the Net" column, this time focusing on Mars, the Happy Red Planet. Peter Heck's On Books reviews titles by D.M. Cornish, Nalo Hopkinson, Robert J. Sawyer, and others.
• The website has the table of contents, with links to excerpts of the stories by Rucker & Sterling and Goonan.

(Wed 20 Jun 2007)


The Bulletin of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

• Issue 173, Vol. 40 No. 4, Spring 2007, $4.95, 64pp, cover art by Jack Egan
• Website:

• This issue, published to coincide with the 2007 Nebula Awards weekend, features statements from the nominated authors about their works, an essay by John Kessel about this year's Grandmaster, James Gunn, and Bud Webster's "Anthopology 101" column this time about "the books that saved SFWA", the Science Fiction Hall of Fame anthologies edited by Robert Silverberg and Ben Bova.
• Other features include articles by John Joseph Adams, on writers' boot camps (PDF link), Ron Vitale on social networks, Wil McCarthy on emerging media, and George M. Ewing on manned spsace travel. Columns include Mike Resnick & Barry Malzberg latest Dialogue, on collaboration; Robert Metzger's "State of the Art" column, on New Scientist magazine; Steve Carper's "Writers' Bloc" column; and Cynthia Ward's Market Report (PDF link).
• Departments include a President's Message by Robin Bailey, and editor's message by Mark Kreighbaum, notes about new members, etc.
• The website's current issue page the complete table of contents.

(Thu 28 Jun 2007)


Dreams and Nightmares

• Issue 77, May 2007, $5, 20pp, cover art by Megan Stringfellow
• Magazine of fantastic poetry, published approximately quarterly since 1986, by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
• Website:

• This issue has poetry by Darrell Schweitzer, Brian Biswas, Duane Ackerson, Ruth Berman, Bruce Boston, G.O. Clark, and others.
• There's an editorial, "From the Brainstem".
• The magazine's new webpage is

(Wed 27 Jun 2007)



• Issue 7, May 2007, $4, 44pp, cover art by Heather Shaw
• Semiannual small press zine, published and edited by Tim Pratt and Heather Shaw
• Website:

• Seventh issue of small press "little zine with teeth", edited and published by Heather Shaw and [Locus Magazine senior editor] Tim Pratt.
• Stories are by Ray Vukcevich, Leslie What, Jan Wildt, and Amy Beth Forbes. Poems are three by Jay Wentworth.
• Nonfictions are an editorial about books and babies; a column by Nick Mamatas, Life Among the Obliterati; and short pieces by Douglas Lain and Erin Kelley.
• The complete Table of Contents is posted at the zine's website.

(Mon 11 Jun 2007)


Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet

• Issue 20, June 2007, $5, 60pp, cover art by Nathaniel Meyer
• Semi-annual small-press magazine subtitled 'an occasional outburst'; published/edited by Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link
• Website:

• This issue has fiction by Marly Youmans, Anil Menon, Edward McEneely, Steven Bratman, Michael Hartford, M. Brock Moorer, Laura Evans, [Locus assistant editor] Amelia Beamer, Meghan McCarron, Jon Hansen, and Karen Joy Fowler.
• Poetry is by Neile Graham (twice), Rose Black, and David Blair.
• Nonfiction consists Gwenda Bond's column "Dear Aunt Gwenda" and a piece by William Smith, "Eleven Wonderful/Horrible Things Found While Bookscouting".
• The magazine's website has the table of contents.

(Mon 11 Jun 2007)


The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

• Vol. 113 No. 2 (whole #664), August 2007, $4.50/C$6.50, 162pp, cover art by Tomaslav Tiklun
• Near-monthly (11 times/year) magazine of fiction, reviews, and features; published since 1949; edited by Gordon Van Gelder
• Website:
• Message Board:

• Fiction in this issue consists of a novella by Albert E. Cowdrey, novelets by Esther M. Friesner and Chris Willrich, and short stories by Nancy Farmer and Gwyneth Jones.
• Departments include Charles de Lint's Books to Look For, covering Richard Parks, Jeff Prucher, and Peter S. Beagle; Michelle West's Musing on Books, discussing Nalo Hopkinson, Tony Ballantyne, and Susan Hubbard; Kathi Maio's Film column, reviewing The Last Mimzy; and a Curiosities page by F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre about H.G. Wells' Star Begotten.

(Mon 18 Jun 2007)


The Magazine of Speculative Poetry

• Vol. 8 No. 1 (whole #29), Spring 2007, $5, 30pp, cover art by Lynski
• Occasional small-press poetry magazine, edited by Roger Dutcher; published since 1985
• Website:

• This issue has poetry by Kendall Evans, George Kalamras, Carri M. Campanile, G.O. Clark, James Fowler, Kevin Carollo, Shari O'Brien, Joanne Merriam, Jacqueline Jones, Ann K. Schwader, and Jeannine Hall Gailey.
• Robert Dutcher's editorial discusses his local library's replacement of poetry volumes by Gary Snyder, Amy Lowell, and others in favor of DVDs and other more popular material. He also compiles "Points of Interest" news items, including the Rhysling Award winners and results of Locus Online's poetry poll, and a list of Publications Received.

(Mon 4 Jun 2007)


Mythic Delirium

• Issue 16, Winter/Spring 2007, $5.00, 28pp, cover art by Tim Mullins
• Bi-annual poetry magazine since 1998; published and edited by Mike Allen
• Website:

• Poetry in this issue is by cythera, Darrell Schweitzer, Rob Cook, Erzebet YellowBoy, Tom Galusha, Neal Wilgus, Samantha Henderson, Sonya Taaffe, Yoon Ha Lee, Charles Saplak, and others.
• The Mythic Delirium site has the wraparound cover image, and complete table of contents.

(Fri 29 Jun 2007)


The New York Review of Science Fiction

• Issue 226, Vol. 19 No. 10, June 2007, $4.00, 24pp
• Monthly review and criticism magazine, published since 1988; edited by David G. Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer, et al.
• Website:

• This special "Down to the Demonstration" issue features Rob Latham's "Cyberpunk and the New Wave: Ruptures and Continuities", about the boom and bust cycles of those two SF movements; an essay by Geoff Ryman about the "mundane SF" movement; and an essay by Jason Sanford on how the literary establishment ignored the SF precursors of Cormac McCarthy's The Road.
• Inside are review by J.G. Stinson, Stacie Hanes, and Joe Milicia of books by Jo Walton, Michael A. Arnzen, and Dave Kalstein, and several short pieces including Grania Davis on Judith Merril and the announcement of this year's James Tiptree Jr. Award winners.
• There's also letters, and an editorial.

(Fri 29 Jun 2007)



• Issue 30.3, May/June 2007, $3.50, 24pp, cover art by Bruce Boston
• Journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA); edited by Marge Simon
• Website:

• Poetry in this issue is by Mary A. Turzillo, Ann K. Schwader, JoSelle Vanderhooft, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Charlee Jacob, Elizabeth Barrette, and others.
• Features are an editorial by Marge Simon, a President's Message by Deborah P. Kolodji, small press reviews, and reports on poetry panels and readings at two recent conventions.
• The website's current issue page has the table of contents with links to two of the poems.

(Mon 25 Jun 2007)


Weird Tales

• Issue 344, Vol. 62 No. 2, Apr/May 2007, $5.95/C$7.95, 80pp, cover art by Anita Zofia Siuda
• Dark fantasy magazine, published since 1923; currently published quarterly, edited by George H. Scithers, Darrell Schweitzer, & John Betancourt
• Website:

• This issue -- the first with the redesigned cover logo -- has fiction by Paul E. Martens, Will Ludwigsen, Richard Parks, Lisa Mantchev, Trent Hergenrader, Scott William Carter, Douglas Kolacki, Kurt Newton, and Gerard Houarner.
• Features include "Weirdism", a forum for guest columnists about the weirdness of real life, this time by Caitlin R. Kiernan, and an interview with George R.R. Martin by Darrell Schweitzer.
• Columns and Departments include an editorial; letters from readers (including some responding to sneek peaks at the new cover logo); book reviews by Scott Connors, covering John Gordon, Glen Hirshberg, Joel Lane, and others; and commentary by Darrell Schweitzer, in which he discusses his reaction to finally reading Kafka's Metamorphosis.
• The magazine's website has this page about the issue, with the table of contents.

(Wed 27 Jun 2007)


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