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2007 Monitor Archive


This page compiles selected classic and otherwise-notable SFFH works newly available in any edition, hardcover or paperback.

For recent books just reprinted in paperback, see New in Paperback.

These lists are compiled independently of Locus Magazine's Books Received listings; publishers may send review copies to the Locus Online address on this page.

Date with publisher info is official publication month;
Date in parentheses at paragraph end is date seen or received.


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Books seen April - early May 2007
posted 12 May 2007

Beagle, Peter S. : A Fine and Private Place
(Tachyon Publications 978-1-892391-46-9, $14.95, 264pp, trade paperback, May 2007)

Fantasy novel, the author's first novel (first published by Viking in 1960), about ghosts in a Bronx cemetery, their memories of life, and a mortal man who lives there alone.
• This "updated edition contains the author's final revisions, and stands as the definitive version of an enduring modern classic".
• Tachyon's website has this description with ordering information.
• The author's site has this page for the book, with cover images of previous editions and rumors about possible film and stage versions.

(Wed 9 May 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Bear, Greg : Moving Mars
(Orb 0-765-31823-7, $14.95, 448pp, trade paperback, May 2007)
(First edition: Tor, November 1993)

SF novel about a colony on Mars that revolts against Earth, and a scientific discovery there that eventually makes the book's title literal.
• The novel won the Nebula Award and was a Hugo, Locus, and Campbell award finalist.
• Tor's website has this description and an excerpt.
• Amazon has the Publishers Weekly review of the original edition, which said "Bear offers a fast-moving plot; realistic, appealing characters; a vividly imagined future Earth awash in 'tailored microbes,' nanotechnology and dirty dealing; and the most believable evocation of the workings of politics and science in any recent science fiction novel. It all adds up to a blowout of a book, perhaps the best of the recent Mars novels, and certainly one of the best sf novels of the year."

(Fri 4 May 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


* Burroughs, Edgar Rice : Tales of Mars
(SFBC 978-0-7394-8275-9, $12.99, 309pp, hardcover, April 2007, cover art Michael Whelan)

Omnibus of two volumes in Burroughs' Barsoom, or John Carter of Mars, series: Llana of Gathol (1948), and John Carter of Mars (1965, consisting of two stories first published in Amazing Stories in 1941 and 1943).
• This edition is available exclusively from the Science Fiction Book Club, whose website has this description,
• It's the fourth and last of SFBC's series of ERB collections, following Under the Moons of Mars, Return to Mars, and Men of Mars.

(Mon 7 May 2007) • (Directory Entry)


* Dick, Philip K., edited by Jonathan Lethem : Four Novels of the 1960s
(Library of America 978-1-59853-009-4, $35, 830pp, hardcover, May 2007)

Omnibus of four novels by Philip K. Dick: The Man in the High Castle (1962, winner of the 1963 Hugo Award), The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (1965, a Nebula finalist), Do Androids Dreams of Electric Sheep? (1968, a Nebula finalist and basis for the film Blade Runner), and Ubik (1969).
• The volume is edited by Jonathan Lethem, and includes a detailed chronology of PKD's life, notes on the original texts of the four books, and reference notes to passages from the texts.
• This volume from the Library of America marks a literary canonization of sorts for Philip K. Dick, the first SF writer to be included in the now 173 volumes of the Library, though earlier volumes did include H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe.
• The publisher's website has this description.

(Fri 4 May 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Gentle, Mary : Rats and Gargoyles
(SFBC 978-0-7394-8204-9, $12.99, 420pp, hardcover, April 2007, jacket art Stephan Martiniere)
(First edition: UK: Bantam UK, July 1990)

Fantasy novel set in an imaginary Renaissance city where technology co-exists with magic, and humans live under the rule of Rat-Lords.
• The novels was the runner-up to the 1991 Arthur C. Clarke Award and was a finalist for that year's British SF Association Award.
• This edition is the 34th volume in the Science Fiction Book Club's 50th Anniversary Collection. The club's website has this description.

(Sat 14 Apr 2007) • (Directory Entry)


Herbert, Frank : Hellstrom's Hive
(Tor 0-765-31772-9, $14.95, 332pp, trade paperback, April 2007, cover art Stephen Youll)

SF novel about a project to advance human evolution based on the hive behavior of insect societies.
• The novel, first serialized in Galaxy magazine as "Project 40" from November 1972 to March 1973, was loosely based on 1971 pseudo-documentary The Hellstrom Chronicle. The first edition was from the Science Fiction Book Club, whose original volumes where then indicated as published by "Nelson Doubleday", in 1973.
• Tor's website has this description -- "America is a police state, and it is about to be threatened by the most hellish enemy in the world: insects." -- and an excerpt.

(Fri 6 Apr 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Lumley, Brian : The House of Cthulhu
(Tor 0-765-31074-0, $14.95, 254pp, trade paperback, April 2007, cover by Bob Eggleton)

Collection of 10 Lovecraftian horror stories, subtitled "Tales of the Primal Land Volume 1".
• The first edition of the book was published by Weirdbook in 1984; contents were revised slightly for a 1991 UK edition from Headline, which was subsequently reprinted in hardcover by Tor in 2005. The edition listed here is a reprint of the 2005 Tor hardcover.
• Six of the stories were first published in various magazine from 1973 to 1979, with three stories original to 1984 edition, and one 1988 story added to the 1991 edition.
• Tor's website has this description.

(Thu 12 Apr 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


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