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Tuesday 14 March 2006,
updated Sunday 19 March 2006

Bantam Spectra has generously made available 10 free copies of Jeff VanderMeer's City of Saints and Madmen. This edition includes the illustrated story, "The Exchange", which was not available in previous US editions.

The contest is now closed. Answers appear below. Winners of the contest, the first 10 respondents with 10 correct answers, are:
  • Roger Silverstein
  • Frank Dreier
  • Vladimir Poleganov
  • Rick Riffel
  • Mark Siegal
  • Andrew Hatchell
  • Mark Bedwell
  • Heather Whipple
  • Horia Nicola Ursu
  • Michael Haulica

  1. What was the name of Jeff VanderMeer's first short story collection, published by The Ministry of Whimsy Press in 1989? (1 pt)
    Answer: The Book of Frog

  2. What is the name of VanderMeer's new novel, to be published later this year by Bantam Spectra? (1 pt)
    Answer: Shriek: An Afterword

  3. Name at least two of Jeff VanderMeer's websites, by URL. (2 pts)

  4. In what issue of Locus Magazine was Jeff VanderMeer interviewed? (1 pt)
    Answer: October 2002

  5. Which Locus Magazine columnist reviewed VanderMeer's nonfiction book Why Should I Cut Your Throat?: Excursions Into the Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror? (1 pt)
    Answer: Nick Gevers

  6. In which years were Locus Magazine and Locus Online founded? (2 pts)
    Answer: 1968, 1997

  7. What is the highest position a work by Jeff VanderMeer has ever ranked in a Locus Poll? (1 pt)
    Answer: 2nd place, in the first novel category in the 2004 poll, for Veniss Underground

  8. Which city's Worldcon bid was Locus Magazine originally created to promote? (1 pt)
    Answer: Boston
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