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July 2006

Friday 14 July 2006

Dear Locus,

I want to give my reference library away to a good home. The library consists of guidebooks (Las Vegas, San Francisco, etc.), almanacs, visual dictionaries, thesauruses, specialized dictionaries (foreign phrases, rhyming, reverse, slang, euphemisms, symbols, mysticism, etc.), specialized encyclopedias (rock and roll, TV, automobiles, science fiction and more), etc. It's quite extensive. I know many writers would like this stuff for their personal library, but I expect that, like me, many of these books would be used once, or just glanced at, then go unopened, unused, for a long time -- gathering dust. That's why I'm looking for a permanent place to give these books to, like a retreat or a workshop with a permanent, stable address -- a place where student writers can go to get specific information on specific writerly projects, right now, and where more than one writer has access to those books.

Do you know of such a place? Do you know of somebody who might know of such a place? Can you/will you please pass the word about this to whoever might be interested?

I'll bear cost of shipping, but whoever acquires the library must acquire it all, not just selective volumes. I need to make arrangements ASAP.


Ken Rand

Dear Locus,

I have been collecting SF for about the past 35 years and must move to take care of by mom in LA. So I am forced to sell my collection. It's big, over 5000 books, everything from Asimov to Tom Swift to Zelazny. I also have a lot of pulps, Analog, Galaxy, SF Review, Locus (probably 2000).

I have them in Joliet, IL just outside Chicago and I'm looking for anyone to buy them (cheap).

I checked the 2 biggest used book stores in Chicago but they were not buying.

Do you know anyone who would be interested? I seem to recall an ad in a past issue of Locus of a big collector in Illinois but that might of been 5 years ago.


Steve Adler

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