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Friday 30 July 2004

Harlan Ellison Offers Paybacks

Harlan Ellison is paying back almost $85,000 in funds -- with interest -- contributed to his KICK Internet Piracy campaign, which helped fund his lawsuit against AOL. He is sending out 561 postcards to contributors, offering to repay the amount they contributed plus $10 in "earnest money" as thanks for their help, and has already written 150 checks. The postcards offer three options: to receive the contribution in full, plus $10; to receive the contribution only, without the $10; or to tell Ellison not to return the money. Ellison assures contributors that he is "DELIGHTED to return even tiny sums," and only provides options because some people have been adamant about refusing reimbursement.

Since contributions were made over the course of four years, some contributors have moved or are otherwise unreachable. If you contributed money, and haven't received a postcard within the next week, write to Harlan Ellison, KICK Internet Piracy, PO Box 55935, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413 with proof of contribution, and he will send a check.

Link: Harlan Ellison Webderland

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