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Convention listings are compiled by Locus Magazine; please send all convention information to Locus, Box 13305, Oakland CA 94661; email: We draw from a multitude of sources, each prone to typos (not to mention our own), and places and dates have a way of changing suddenly. So be sure to check with the convention committee before making final plans. We take no responsibility for errors.


SPOOKYCON (Jan 9-12 ’03) Holiday Inn Chinatown, San Francisco CA. Guests: Poppy Z. Brite, Geoff Cooper, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Dave Parker, David J. Schow, Scott Spiegel, Serena Valentino, Mike Mendez, Ramsey Campbell, Bernie Wrightson. Memb: $40. Info: Spookycon, 3012 16th Ave. #207, San Francisco CA 94117; website:

RUSTYCON (Jan 10-12 ’03) DoubleTree Hotel Bellevue, Bellevue WA. GoH: Dave Duncan. AGoH: Gail Butler. Special Media Guest: Eugene Roddenberry. Fan Group GoH: Knight Hawks. Memb: $55. Info: Rustycon 20, Box 84291, Seattle WA 98124-5591; website:

ARISIA ’03 (Jan 17-19 ’03) Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Boston MA. GoH: Harry Turtledove. AGoHs: Victoria (Poyser) Lisi & Julius Lisi. FGoH: Anthony R. Lewis, F.N. Special Costume Guests: Pierre & Sandy Pettinger. Special Gaming Guests: Kristin Looney, Andrew Looney, Alison Frane. Special Filk Guest: Gwen Knighton. Memb: $40. Info: Arisia, Bldg. 600, PMB 322, 1 Kendall Sq., Cambridge MA 02139; email:; website:

CHATTACON XXVIII (Jan 17-19 ’03) The Read House Hotel, Chattanooga TN. GoHs: Gregory Benford, Christopher Stasheff. Artist Guest: Steve Hickman. Special Guest: F. Paul Wilson. TM: Charles Grant. Memb: $50. Info: Chattacon 28, Box 23908, Chattanooga TN 37422-3908; email:, or; website:

CONFUSION 2003: CONFUSION AND HER FRIENDS (Jan 24-26 ’03) Van Dyke Park Suites, Warren MI. GoH: Melissa Scott. Sci. GoH: Jack Cohen. AGoH: Alan Clark. FGoH: Roberta Kennedy. TM: Patrick O’Leary. Memb: $35 (checks to AASFA). Info: ConFusion, Box 8284, Ann Arbor MI 48107; email:; website:

MARSCON (Jan 24-26 ’03) Clarion Hotel, Williamsburg VA. Relaxacon. Memb: $20 to 12/31/02. Info: MarsCon, c/o Michelle Fraser, Box 8143, Yorktown VA 23693; email:; website:

VERICON (Jan 24-26 ’03) Harvard University, Cambridge MA. Guests: Patricia C. Wrede, T. Campbell, Julie E. Czerneda, Rob Daviau, Greg Eatroff, Esther Friesner, Henry Jenkins, Mike Kunkel, Catherine Asaro, Adam Golaski, Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, Jeff Paris, Philip J. Reed, Charles Vess. Memb: $25 reg., $15 student. Info: email:; website:


CAPRICON XXIII: GODS VS MONSTERS (Feb 6-9 ’03) Sheraton Arlington Park, Arlington Heights IL. GoH: Tim Powers. FGoH: Bill Roper. AGoH: Amy K. Brown. Memb: $35 to 1/15/03, then $60. Info: email:; website:

LIFE, THE UNIVERSE & EVERYTHING XXI (Feb 12-15 ’03) Wilkinson Student Center (WSC), Brigham Young University, Provo UT. GoHs: Patricia C. Wrede, Esther M. Friesner. Special Guest: Orson Scott Card (Thurs. only). Special Poet Guest: Michael R. Collings. Special Academic Guest: Norman Peercy. Memb: Free. Info: LTUE, 3160 JKHB, Provo UT 84602; Linda Adams, (801) 378-4455; email:; website:

ROSCON 2003 (Feb 13-16 ’03) Moscow, Russia. Guests: Kir Bulychev, the edward Of gevorkyan, Vasiliy Golovachev, Sergey Luk’yanenko, Vladimir Mikhaylov, Vladislav Krapivin,
Nikolai Perumov, Nikolai Naumenko, Leonid Shkurovich. Memb: $100-300, room & board incl. Info: (095) 918-1087 (MCF, Oleg Kolesnikov), (095) 170-7231 (Oleg Kolesnikov), (095) 931-1989 (Dmitriy Volodikhin); email:; website:

BOSKONE 40 (Feb 14-16 ’03) Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston MA. GoH: David Brin. AGoH: Jim Burns. Special Guest: Charles N. Brown. Featured Filker: Clam Chowder. Memb: $40 to 1/19/03. Info: Boskone 40, Box 809, Framingham MA 01701; fax: (617) 776-3243; email:; website:

RADCON 3C (Feb 14-16 ’03) Pasco West Coast Hotel, Pasco WA. AGoH: NeNe Thomas. Artist Rising Star Guest: Rich Schleifer. Fan Guest: Gene Ambacher. Memb: $20 to 2/2/03, $25 at door. Info: RadCon, PMB# 162, 2527 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick WA 99336-3126; email: Kevin Stiles,; website:

CONFLATION 2003 (Feb 21-23 ’03) Radisson Clayton, St. Louis MO. Relaxacon. Memb: $30. Info: email:; website:

CONDFW (Feb 21-23 ’03) Radisson Hotel Dallas North, Richardson TX. GoH: David Drake. Guests: David Cherry, Brad W. Foster, Aaron Allston, Lillian Stewart Carl, P.N. Elrod, Lee Martindale, Martha Wells, more. Memb: $25 (checks to ConDFW). Info: ConDFW, 2183 Buckingham Rd. #282, Richardson TX 75081; email:; website:

POTLATCH 12 (Feb 21-23 ’03) Ramada Plaza Hotel International, San Francisco CA. Book of Honor: The Instrumentality of Mankind, by Cordwainer Smith. Memb: $40 to 2/8/03, then $45. Info: Potlatch 12, c/o Lyn Paleo, 6405 Regent St., Oakland CA 94618; email:; website:

SHEVACON 11 (Feb 21-23 ’03) Holiday Inn Roanoke Tanglewood, Roanoke VA. GoH: Hal Clement. AGoH: Daniel Trout. MC: Rikk Jacobs. Memb: $20 to 2/10/03, $25 at door. Info: SheVaCon, Box 416, Verona VA 24482-0416; (540) 248-4152; email:; website:

PICOCON 20 (Feb 22 ’03) Imperial College Union, London, UK. GoHs: Jack Cohen, Gwyneth Jones. Memb: £8 / students £5 / ICSF £2. Info: ICSF, IC Students U, Beit Quad, Prince Consort Rd, London, SW7 2BB, UK; email:; website:

CONDOR X (Feb 28-Mar 2 ’03) DoubleTree Hotel - Del Mar, San Diego CA. GoH: Mike Resnick. Guests: Jeff Berkwits, David Brin, Christine Carmichael, Genny Dazzo, Howard Hendrix, Arthur Holcomb, Nancy Holder, Victor Koman, Judy Lazar, Craig Miller, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Mike Resnick, Sherwood Smith, Dave Trowbridge, Barbra Wallace, William F. Wu Memb: $35 to 1/31/03 (checks to Con-Dor). Info: Con-Dor, Box 15771, San Diego CA 92175-5771; email:; website:

MARSCON 2003 (Feb 28-Mar 2 ’03) Holiday Inn Select, Bloomington MN. GoHs: Sharon Lee, Steve Miller. Actor GoHs: Julie Caitlin Brown, Lev Mailer. AGoH: John Garner. Fan/Makeup Artist GoH: David Mendez. Featured Guest: Harvey. Musical Guests: The Nick Atoms. Memb: $40 to 1/31/03, then $50. Info: MarsCon, Box 21213, Eagan MN 55121; email:; website:

NONCON (Feb 28-Mar 2 ’03) Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY. Guests: TBA. Memb: $10 to 2/14/03, then $15. Info: Nonhuman Student Organization, Box 3817, Vassar College, 124 Raymond Ave., Poughkeepsie NY 12604-3817; email:; website:

MARCH 2003

MECON 6 (Mar 7-9 ’03) Belfast, UK. Guests: Peter F. Hamilton, Paul J. Holden, Katherine Kurtz, Scott McMillen, more TBA. Memb: £15 / €23.20 to 3/6/03, then £18. Info: MeCon 6, 12 Hopefield Ave., Belfast BT15 5AP, Northern Ireland; email:; website:

STELLARCON 27 (Mar 14-16 ’03) High Point Radisson, High Point NC. GoH: Jennifer Roberson. Guests: Bill Fawcett, Eric Flint, dgk goldberg, Patrick Kilpatrick, Kenny Miller, Jody Lynn Nye, Julie Anne Parks, John Ringo, Stephen Mark Rainey, Dave Wolverton, more. Memb: $30 to 2/1/03, then $40. Info: Stellarcon 27, 5701 Running Ridge Rd., Greensboro NC 27407; (336) 294-8041; email:; website:

TECHNICON 20 (Mar 14-16 ’03) Red Lion Inn, Blacksburg VA. GoHs: Janet Kagan, Steven Brust. Guests: Amira, Tom Atkinson, Carolyn Clowes, Angela Kessler, Warren Lapine, Ryck Neube, Bambi Nieto, Don Sakers. Info: Technicon 20, Box 256, Blacksburg VA 24063-0256; email:; website:

24TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE FANTASTIC IN THE ARTS (Mar 19-23 ’03) Ft. Lauderdale Airport Hilton, Dania FL. Theme: What Might Be Going to Have Been: Dark Myths and Legends. GoH: Charles de Lint. Special Guest Writer: Ramsey Campbell. Guest Scholar: S.T. Joshi. Permanent Special Guest: Brian Aldiss. Memb: $100 to 3/15/03, $125 at door (checks to IAFA). Info: Katy Hatfield, ICFA Registrar, Box 10416, Blacksburg VA 24062; website:

AGGIECON 34 (Mar 20-23 ’03) Texas A&M University, College Station TX. GoHs: Ruth Thompson, Virginia Hey. Regional Guests: Bill Crider, Scott Cupp, Rick Klaw, Joe Lansdale, John Lucas, Jonathan Lyons, Martha Wells, Marv Wolfman. Info: email:; website:

AD ASTRA (Mar 21-23 ’03) Toronto Colony Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. GoH: Michael Moorcock. AGoHs: Robert Gould, Alan Lee. More guests TBA. Memb: $45 to 3/7/03, then 50 (checks to Ad Astra Literary Society). Info: email:; website:

COASTCON XXVI (Mar 21-23 ’03) Mississippi Coast Convention Center, Biloxi MS. FGoH: Julie Schiavo. Gaming GoH: Gary Gygax. Author Guests: Fred Saberhagen, Sharon Green. Artist Guest: Michael Kaluta. Sci. Guest: Bobby Rodgers. Gaming Guest: Christopher Clark. Memb: $35 to 3/1/03, $40 at door. Info: CoastCon XXVI, Box 1423, Biloxi MS 39533; (228) 435-5217; email:; website:

LUNACON 2003 (Mar 21-23 ’03) Rye Town Hilton, Rye Brook NY. GoHs: Spider & Jeanne Robinson. AGoH: Rowena. FGoHs: Joni & Todd Dashoff. TM: Susan de Guardiola. Memb: $39 to 2/24/03. Info: Lunacon 2003, Box 3566, New York NY 10008-3566; email:; website:

MILLENNICON 17 (Mar 21-23 ’03) Kings Island Resort & Conference Center, Kings Island OH. GoH: Nancy Kress. Memb: Info: Millennicon, 143 Schloss Ln., Dayton OH 45418; (513) 659-2558; fax: (513) 674-1240 (call before faxing); email:; website:

DORTCON 2003 (Mar 22-23 ’03) Fritz-Henssler Hause, Geschwister Scholl Strasse 33-37, Dortmund, Germany. GoHs: Larry Niven, Barbara Slawig. Memb: €25 to 3/15/03, then €30. Membership payments to: Irma Leu, Berliner Strasse 206, 45144 Essen, Germany.
Info: Michael Ehrt/Astrid Zwingelberg, Uhlandstrasse 11, 59439 Holzwickede, Germany; email:; website:

Hong Kong 2003 Conference: Technoscience, Material Culture, and Everyday Life (Mar 26-29 ’03) Chinese University of Hong Kong. Sponsored by the Chinese University of Hong Kong & University of California, Riverside. Guests: Gregory Benford, Istvan Csiscery-Ronay, Jr., Veronica Hollinger, David Silver, Wlad Godzich, Douglas Kellner, Mark Hansen. Info: email: Wong Kin Yuen (, Gary Westfahl (, Amy Chan ( ); website:

I-CON 22 (Mar 28-30 ’03) SUNY Stony Brook, Stony Brook NY. Guests: James Gunn, Harlan Ellison, Barry Malzberg, Julius Schwartz, David Kyle, James Morrow, John L. Coker, Martha Trachtenberg, Jennifer Brehl, Tony Ruggiero, Terry McGarry, Monte Cook, more TBA. Memb: $35 to 3/1/03; then $40. Info: I-CON, Box 550, Stony Brook NY 11790-0550; (631) 632-6045; fax: (631) 632-6355; email:; website:

MADICON 12 (Mar 28-30 ’03) Taylor Hall, James Madison University, Harrisonburg VA. GoH: P.N. Elrod. Special Guest: Tee Morris. Gaming GoH: Lee Dotson. Info: email:; website:

MidSouthCon 21 (Mar 28-30 ’03) Holiday Inn Select - Airport, Memphis TN. GoH: Robert J. Sawyer. AGoH: Frank Kelly Freas, Laura Brodian Freas. Gaming GoH: Jolly R. Blackburn. Media GoH: Michael Sheard. Science Guest: Les Johnson. Guests: C.J. Cherryh, Jane Fancher, Glen Cook, Stephen Pagel, Joy Marie Ledet, Selina Rosen, more. Memb: $30 till 3/1/03, then $35. Info: MidSouthCon, Box 11446, Memphis TN 38111; (731) 664-6730; email:; website:

APRIL 2003

ODYSSEY CON III (Apr 4-6 ’03) Radisson Inn, Madison WI. GoHs: Harry Turtledove, Catherine Asaro. Cartoonist GoH: John Kovalic. Guests: Joan D. Vinge, Jim Frenkel. Memb: $35 to 3/15/03, $40 at door. Info: Odyssey Con, 901 Jenifer St., Madison WI 53703; email:;

WILLYCON V (Apr 4-6 ’03) Wayne State College, Wayne NE. GoH: Wil McCarthy. AGoH: Lucy A. Synk. FGoHs: John & Belinda Jamison. Memb: $15 to 4/1/03, then $20. Info: WillyCon V, Wayne State College, 1111 Main St., Wayne NE 68787; (402) 375-7321, (402) 375-7259; email:, or;

EERIECON 5 (Apr 11-13 ’03) Days Inn at the Falls, Niagara Falls NY. GoHs: Jack McDevitt, Lynn Flewelling. FGoHs: Lloyd & Yvonne Penney. Artist GoH: Charles Momberger. Memb: $35 to 3/8/03, then $40 (checks to Buffalo Fantasy League). Info: Buffalo Fantasy League, Box 412, Buffalo NY 14226; email:, or;

FANTASM 2003 (Apr 17-20 ’03) Sheraton Colony Square, Atlanta GA. Adult-oriented. Guests: Caitlín R. Kiernan, Gloria Brame, Bob Burden, Andrew Greenberg, Phil Brucato, Ann Melrose, Michael Manning, Andy Lee, Mark Jackson, Dennis Crabapple McClain, Dan Henderson, Mike Weaver, Lake Sirmon, Jay Lind, Lady Catherine Gross. Memb: $45 to 4/3/03, then $50. Info: Fantasm, 67 Gail Dr., Athens GA 30606; (706) 369-1561; email:;

NORWESCON 26 (Apr 17-20 ’03) SeaTac WA. GoH: Jane Yolen. AGoH: Jim Burns. Sci. GoH: Geoffrey Landis. Special GoH: Michael Whelan. Spotlighted Publisher: Del Rey. Memb: $50 to 12/31/02. Info: Norwescon, Box 68547, Seattle WA 98168-0547; email:; website:

SWANCON 2003 (Apr 17-21 ’03) Kings Perth Hotel, Perth Australia. GoH: Lynn Flewelling, Tony Shillitoe, Fiona McIntosh, others TBA. FGoH: Justin Ackroyd. Memb: $120. Info: Swancon 2003, GPO Box G429, Perth WA 6841; email:; website:

WORLD HORROR CON 2003 (Apr 17-20 ’03) Kansas City Airport Hilton, Kansas City MO. GoH: Graham Masterton. AGoH: Nick Smith. Publisher GoH: Don D’Auria. MC: Laurell K. Hamilton. Special GoH: Forrest J Ackerman. Writer’s Workshop GoH: Mort Castle. Memb: $100 to 2/28/03, then $125 (checks to KaCSFFS). Info: WHC2003 c/o KaCSFFS, Box 2000, Lee’s Summit MO 64063; Dee Willis, (913) 248-9808; email:, or Ann Donovan (registration),; website:

EMOTICON 2003 (Apr 18-21 ’03) Hotel Ibis Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealand NatCon. Guests: Diane Duane, Peter Morwood, Lois McMaster Bujold, Mary Maclachlan. Memb: NZ$90. Info: Emoticon, Box 74-013, Market Rd., Auckland, New Zealand; 649-846-3766; fax: 649-846-1415; email:; website:

MINICON 38 (Apr 18-20 ’03) Millennium Hotel, Minneapolis MN. GoHs: Robert J. Sawyer, Carolyn Clink. FGoH: Sue Mason. Musician GoH: Steve Macdonald. Memb: $45 to 3/17/03, $70 at door. Info: Minicon 38, Box 8297, Lake St. Station, Minneapolis MN 55408; email:; website:

NEBULA AWARDS WEEKEND 2003 (Apr 18-20 ’03) HOTEL CHANGE. Radisson Plaza - Warwick Hotel, Philadelphia PA. Memb: $85 to 3/21/03, $100 to 4/10/03, $125 at door. Info: PO Box 310, Huntingdon Valley PA 19006-0310; website:

SEACON ’03 (EASTERCON) (Apr 18-21 ’03) Hanover International Hotel, Hinckley, Leisc., UK. 54th British NatCon. GoHs: Chris Baker, Christopher Evans, Mary Gentle. Memb: £45 (cheques to Seacon03). Info: Seacon 03, 8 The Orchard, Tonwell, Herts, SG12 OHR, UK; email:; website:

CORFLU 20 (Apr 25-27 ’03) Best Western InnTowner Hotel, Madison WI. Fanzine fans’ convention. Memb: $45 / £30 to 4/30/03, $60 / £40 at door. Info: Corflu 20, c/o Tracy Benton, 108 Grand Canyon Dr., Madison WI 53705; email:;

JERSEYDEVILCON 3 (Apr 25-27 ’03) Raritan Center Sheraton, Edison NJ. SF GoH: Harry Harrison. Horror GoH: Brian Lumley. AGoH: Joe De Vito. Media GoH: Bob Skir. Sci. GoH: Clifford Pickover. FGoH: The Donewitz. Local PRO GoH: Bard & Vicki Borah Bloom, more GoHs TBA. Memb: $35 to 3/31/03, then $40. Info: JerseyDevilCon, Box 403, Metuchen NJ 08840; email: Steven Yoder,; website:

ELF FANTASY FAIR (Apr 26-27 ’03) Castle De Haar, Haarzuilens (near Utrecht), The Netherlands. Guests: Neil Gaiman, Juliet Marillier, David Gemmell, Brian & Wendy Froud, John Howe, Alan Lee, Cate Tiernan, Philip Pullman. Memb: €14.50 advance, €16.50 at door. Info: 010-4763399; email:; website:

MAY 2003

DEMICON 14 (May 2-4 ’03) Hotel Fort Des Moines, Des Moines IA. GoH: Octavia E. Butler. AGoH: Lubov. FGoH: Lynda Sherman. TM: Rusty Hevelin. Memb: $40 to 4/1/03, then more. Info: DemiCon 14, Box 7572, Des Moines IA 50322-7572; email:;

PENGUICON (May 2-4 ’03) Van Dyke Park Suites, Warren MI. Combination SF con and Linux expo. GoHs: Terry Pratchett, Eric Raymond, Pete Abrams, J.D. Frazer, Rob Malda. Memb: $35, more later (checks to Penguicon). Info: Penguicon, Box 131225, Ann Arbor MI 48113.

KEYCON (May 16-18 ’03) Winnipeg, Canada. GoH: Robert J. Sawyer. AGoH: Jolly Blackburn. Poet GoH: Carolyn Clink. Memb: C$40 to 4/30/03, then C$50. Info:
email:, or; website:

LEPRECON 29 (May 16-18 ’03) Embassy Suites North, Phoenix AZ. GoH: Charles de Lint. AGoH: Larry Elmore. Local Artist GoH: Madame M. Media Technical Guest: Richard Coyle. Music Guest: Karen Willson. Memb: $30 to 12/31/02, other rates TBA.Info: LepreCon 29, Box 26665, Tempe AZ 85285; (480) 945-6890; email:; website:

MOBICON (May 16-18 ’03) Mobile AL. GoHs: Sharon Green. Guests: Debbora Wiles, Virginia Hey, Jackson Bostwick, Greyson Wolf, Lee Seeds, Andrew Greenberg. Info: MOBICON INC., Box 161632, Mobile AL 36616-2632; email:; website:

ROC*KON (May 16-18 ’03) Little Rock AR. GoH: Stephen R. Donaldson. TM: Selina Rosen. Info:

2nd INTERNATIONAL WEEK OF SCIENCE AND SCIENCE FICTION (May 19-25 ’03) Timisoara, Romania. GoH (West): Ian Watson (UK). GoH (East): István Nemere (Hungary). GoH (Host): Danut Ungureanu (Romania). FGoH: Vincent Docherty (UK). TM: Roberto Quaglia (Italy). Ghost of Honor: H.G. Wells. Hosted by the H.G. Wells Society (Romania). Sponsored by the Timisoara Branch of the Writers Association of Romania and the SF e-zine Concatenation. Memb: Free. Banquet: £20 / $37. Info: website:

BALTICON 37 (May 23-26 ’03) Wyndham Inner Harbor Hotel, Baltimore MD. GoHs: Steve Miller, Sharon Lee. Featured Artists: Omar & Sheila Rayyan. Featured Filker: Steve MacDonald. 2002 Compton Crook Winner: Wen Spencer. Memb: $40 to 2/28/03, $45 to 4/30/03, then $50. Info: Balticon 37, Box 686, Baltimore MD 21203-0686; (410) 536-2737; email:;

BAYCON 2003 (May 23-26 ’03) DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose CA. GoH: Greg Bear. AGoH: Mark Ferrari. FGoH: Janice Gelb. TM: Rachel Holmen. Memb: $60 to 2/28/03, $65 to 4/30/03, $75 at door. Info: Baycon 2003, Box 610427, San Jose CA 95161-0427; (408) 450-1788; email:;

CONDUIT 13: THE NIGHTMARE CONTINUES (May 23-25 ’03) Wyndham Hotel, Salt Lake City UT. GoH: Harry Turtledove. Featured Guest: L.E. Modesitt. Memb: $32 to 4/30/03, then $38. Info: CONduit, Box 11745, Salt Lake City UT 84147-0745; (801) 294-9297; email:; website:

CONQUEST 34 (May 23-25 ’03) Airport Hilton, Kansas City MO. GoH: Elizabeth Moon. FGoH: Suzanne Carnival-Reece. TM: Ellen Datlow. AGoH: Vincent DiFate. Special Guest: John Ringo. Memb: $30 to 2/3/03, $35 to 4/1/03, then $45. Info: ConQuesT 34, Box 36212, Kansas City MO 64171-6212; email: Tina Black,; website:

MARCON (May 23-25 ’03) Hyatt Regency, Columbus OH. Theme: Marcon: Through the Looking Glass. Grand Master GoH: Jack Vance. GoH: J. Gregory Keyes. AGoH: Ruth Thompson. Sci. GoH: Mary Doria Russell. Filk GoHs: Bill & Brenda Sutton. Gaming GoH: Monte Cook. TM: Mark Evans. Costuming GoHs: Dragon Dronet & Wanda Piety. FGoH: Rob Stewart. Memb: $35 to 5/7/03, then $50. Info: MARCON, Box 141414, Columbus OH 43214; website:

MISCON 17 (May 23-25 ’03) Ruby’s Inn and Convention Center, Missoula, Montana.GoHs: David Gerrold, Samuel R. Delany. Media GoH: Jennifer Blanc. AGoH: Chuck Bordell. Memb: $20 to 5/1/03, then $25. Info: MisCon, Box 7721, Missoula, Montana 59807; website:

OASIS 16 (May 23-25 ’03) Radisson Plaza Orlando, Orlando FL. GoH: Robert J. Sawyer. Artist GoH: Stanley Morrison. Filk GoH: Tom Smith. Fan GoH: Ann Morris. Memb: $25 to 4/30/03, $30 at door. Info: OASFiS, Box 940992, Maitland FL 32794; 407-263-5822; website:

WISCON 27 (May 23-26 ’03) Concourse Hotel, Madison WI. Feminist SF con. GoHs: China Miéville, Carol Emshwiller. Memb: $40 to 4/30/03, then $50. Info: WisCon, c/o SF3, Box 1624, Madison WI 53701-1624; (608) 233-8850; email:;

BOOKEXPO AMERICA (May 30-Jun 1 ’03) Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles CA. Info: BookExpo America, 383 Main Ave., Norwalk CT 06851; (203) 840-5614; fax: (203) 840-9614; email:; website:

CONCAROLINAS 2003 (May 30-Jun 1 ’03) Marriott Executive Park, Charlotte NC. GoH: David Weber. Guests: Karen Taylor, Andy Duncan, Scott Nicholson, d.g.k. goldberg. Memb: $25 to 5/1/03, then $35. Info: ConCarolinas, PMB 2004, 401 Hawthorne Ln., Ste. 110, Charlotte NC 28204; email:; website:

JUNE 2003

DUCKON 12 (Jun 6-8 ’03) Radisson Hotel Lincolnwood, Chicago IL. GoH: Tanya Huff. AGoH: Patricia D. Breeding-Black. Filk GoHs: Bill & Brenda Sutton. Mad Sci. GoH: Trace Beaulieu. FGoH: Jim Rittenhouse. Special Guests: J.D. Frazer, Samuel Conway, Nick Pollotta. Memb: $50. Info: DucKon 12, Box 4843, Wheaton IL 60189; email:; website:

KONNIPTION (Jun 6-8 ’03) Ramada Inn, Columbia MO. GoH: James Rollins/James Clemens. TMs: Susan Eisenhower, Zo Allen. FGoH: Jeff Orth. AGoH: John Perkins. Memb: $30 (checks to CMSFE). Info: CMSFE, Box 1345, Columbia MO 65205-1345; email:; website:

SINCON 1 (Jun 6-8 ’03) Quality Hotel & Conference Center, Metairie LA 70001. Adult-oriented sci-fi, fantasy, horror, erotica. Memb: $25. Info: email:; website: -- CANCELLED

FANTASTIKA 2003 (Jun 13-15 ’03) Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden. GoH: Johanna Sinisalo. Comics GoH: Bryan Talbot. Swedish GoH: Kristoffer leandoer. FGoH: Bjorn Tore Sund. Memb: 200 SEK / EUR20 / £13.50 / NOK 160 to 5/31/03. Info: email: Tomas Cronholm,; website:

NORDCON 2003 (Jun 13-15 ’03) Hamburg House, Hamburg, Germany. Info: email:; website:

SYDNEY SF WEEKEND (Jun 21-22 ’03) Australian Museum, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Info: Garry Dalrymple, Box 2, Bexley North NSW 2207, Australia; (02) 9718 5827; email:; website:

MIDWESTCON 54 (Jun 26-29 ’03) Cincinnati/Sharonville Doubletree Guest Suites, Sharonville OH. Relaxacon. Memb: $30. Info: Deborah Oakes, 5627 Antoninus Dr., Cincinnati OH 45238; email:; website:

SFRA2003 (Jun 26-29 ’03) University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Academic conference. Theme: Speculative Histories. GoH: Geoff Ryman. Info: email: Peter Brigg,; website:

SF & FANTASY FESTIVAL (Jun 28-Jul 6 ’03) Chotebor, Czech Republic. Info:

JULY 2003

HUNGAROCON (Jul 3-6 ’03) Salgótarján, Hungary. GoHs: Ian Watson, Stanislaw Lem, David Prowse. Memb: €20. Info: email:; website:

WESTERCON 56 (Jul 3-6 ’03) Doubletree Seattle Airport Hotel, SeaTac WA. GoH: Bruce Sterling. AGoH: Lisa Snellings. Ed. GoH: Claire Eddy. FGoH: Saul Jaffe. Sci. GoH: Michio Kaku. TM: Connie Willis. Memb: $75. Info: Westercon 56, Box 1066, Seattle WA 98111; (206) 723-9906; fax: (206) 374-2188; email:; website:

CONVERGENCE (Jul 4-7 ’03) Radisson Hotel South, Bloomington MN. Guests: Michael Sheard, Andrew Probert, Eric Flint, John Kovalic, Katherine Kurtz. Memb: $55. Info: CONvergence, 1437 Marshall Ave., Ste. 203, St. Paul MN 55104; (651) 647-3487; email:; website:

INCONJUNCTION (Jul 4-6 ’03) Indianapolis Sheraton Hotel & Suites, Indianapolis IN. GoH: Elizabeth Moon. AGoHs: Anthony Fredrickson, Penny Juday. Media GoHs: Anita La Selva, Anthony Montgomery, Richard Herd. Gaming GoH: Peter Adkison. TM: Robert Pyatt. Special Guest: Steve Godzilla. Memb: $35. Info: InConJunction 2003, Box 68514, Indianapolis IN 46268-0514; email:; website:

CONSTRUCTION (Jul 11-13 ’03) Hanover International Hotel & Club, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, Wales, UK. Interaction (63rd Worldcon) staff weekend. Memb: Free to members and staff of Interaction. Info: Interaction, 379 Myrtle Rd., Sheffield, South Yorkshire S2 3HQ, UK; or, Interaction, Box 58009, Louisville KY 50268-0009; email:; website:

CONTINUUM (Jul 11-13 ’03) Hotel Y, Melbourne, Australia. Guests: Kate Forsyth, Chris Lawson, Nick Stathopoulos, Lewis Morley, Marilyn Pride. Memb: A$100 to 7/4/03. Info: Continuum 2003, GPO box 1212k, Melbourne VIC 3001; email:; website:

READERCON 15 (Jul 11-13 ’03) Burlington Marriott, Burlington MA. GoHs: Hal Clement, Rudy Rucker, Howard Waldrop. Memorial GoH: R.A. Lafferty. Memb: $35 to 7/1/03, $45 at door. Info: Readercon, Box 38-1246, Cambridge MA 02238-1246; email:; website:

SHOWMECON (Jul 11-13 ’03) Four Points Sheraton, Earth City MO. GoH: Timothy Zahn. AGoH: Alan M.Clark.Fan Guest: "Uncle Timmy" Bolgeo. Special Guest: Dick Durock. Memb: $40. Info: ShowMeCon, Box 410115, Creve Coeur MO 63141-9998; email:; website:

TT17 (July 11-13 ’03) Regal Constellation Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Guests: Julie Czerneda, Edo van Belkom, Karin Lowachee, more. Memb: $58. Info: Toronto Trek, Box 7097, Station A, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5W 1X7; email:; website:

NIMBUS 2003 (Jul 17-30 ’03) Walt Disney’s Swan & Dolphin Hotel, Orlando FL. Harry Potter Symposium. $179.75 to 7/16/03, $199.75 at door. Info: email: Gwendolyn Grace,; website:

XIV-KHAN (Jul 18-20 ’03) Ramada Inn, Colorado Springs CO. GoH: John Stith. Memb: $20 to 7/1/03, then $23. Info: Peggy Tegen, 2926 Valarie Circle, Colorado Springs CO 80917; (719) 597-5259; email:; website:

CONCERTINO 2003 (Jul 18-20 ’03) Crowne Plaza Hotel, Worcester MA. GoHs: Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff. TM: Erica Neely. Choirmaster: Ed Stauff. Listener Guest: Priscilla Olson. Writer Guest: Ellen Kushner. Interfilk Guest: Rika Körte. Memb: $42 to 6/15/03. Info: M.A.S.S. F.I.L.C., Inc., 18 Cottage Ave., Arlington MA 02474; (781) 646-3118; email:; website:

CONESTOGA 7 (Jul 18-20 ’03) Sheraton Tulsa, Tulsa OK. GoH: David Brin. TM: Esther Friesner. FGoH: David Lee Anderson. AGoH: Keith Birdsong. Memb: $30. Info: Conestoga 7, 440 S. Gary Ave. Box 45, Tulsa OK 74104; (918) 836-5463;

T-CON 2003 or T3 (Jul 19-21 ’03) Shiobara-cho, Tochigi, Japan. 42nd Japanese National SF Con. Info: email:; website:

CONFLUENCE 2003 (Jul 25-27 ’03) Four Points Sheraton, Pittsburgh PA. GoH: Allen Steele. Featured Filk Guest: Nancy Louise Freeman. Memb: $30 to 7/1/03, then $40 (checks to Confluence). Info: Confluence 2003, Box 3681, Pittsburgh PA 15230-3681; (412) 344-0456; email:; website:

LIBERTYCON 16 & DEEPSOUTHCON 41 (Jul 25-27 ’03) Legacy Inn, East Ridge TN. GoH: S.M. Stirling. AGoH: Darrell K. Sweet. Very Special Guest: John Ringo. MC: Darryl Elliot. Memb: $30 to 7/12/03, $45 at door. Info: LibertyCon 16/DSC 41, Box 695, Hixson TN 37343-0695; email:; website:

MYTHCON XXXIV (Jul 25-28 ’03) Scarritt-Bennett Center, Nashville TN. Theme: From Athena to Galadriel: The Image of the Wise Woman In Mythopoeic Fiction. GoH: Sherwood Smith. Scholar GoH: Dabney A. Hart. Memb: $55 Mythopoeic Society members / $65 non-members (checks to Mythcon 34). Info: Mary M. Stolzenbach, 1603 Rosewood Dr., Brentwood TN 37027; email:; website:


CRESCENT CITY CON XVIII (Aug 1-3 ’03) Best Western Landmark Hotel, Metairie LA. Guests: Darlene Bolesny, Debbora Wiles, Sharon Green, Tony Ruggiero. Memb: $35 to 7/4/03, $40 at door (checks to Crescent City Con, Inc.). Info: Crescent City Con, Box 52622, New Orleans LA 70150-2622; Robert Neagle, (504) 488-0489; email:; website:

FINNCON X / EUROCON 2003 / BALTCON (Aug 1-3 ’03) University of Turku, Turku, Finland. GoHs: Michael Swanwick, Steve Sansweet, Boris Hurtta, Karolina Bjällerstedt Mickos, Jonathan Clements. Memb: Free. Info: Turku Science Fiction Society, Box 538, 20101 Turku, Finland; Johanna Ahonen, +358 40 532 9298; email:, or, or; website:

TRINOC*CON (Aug 1-3 ’03) Durham Marriott & Civic Center, Durham NC. GoH: Lawrence Watt-Evans. AGoH: Ursula Vernon. Gaming GoH: Bruce Baugh. Memb: $30 pre-reg., $35 at door. Info: Trinoc*coN Corp., Box 10633, Raleigh NC 27605-0633; email:; website:

TATRACON (Aug 4-10 ’03) Tatra Mountains, Slovakia. Memb: 400 Sk to 7/31/03. Info: Miroslav Butora, Tkácska 4/5, 052 01 Spišská Nová Ves; 053/4467614, 0903 854 864; email: or website:

ARMADILLOCON 25 (Aug 8-10 ’03) Hilton North, Austin TX. GoH: Kage Baker. Ed. GoH: Anne Groell. AGoH: John Picacio. FGoH: Willie Siros. Special Guest: Vernor Vinge. TM: Aaron Allston. Many earlier GoHs will be returning for the 25th Anniversary. Memb: $30 to 7/25/03, then $40. Info: ArmadilloCon, Box 27277, Austin TX 78755; (512) 477-6259; email:; website:

CONGLOMERATION (Aug 8-10 ’03) The Hurstbourne Hotel, Louisville KY. GoH: Eric Flint. AGoH: Alan Pollack. Special Guest: Peter Watts. Memb: $25 to 7/25/03, then $35. Info: ConGlomeration, Box 32095; Louisville KY 40232-2095; email:; website:

DIVERSICON (Aug 8-10 ’03) Days Inn Airport, Bloomington MN. GoH: Melissa Scott. Special Guest: Martha A. Hood. Posthumous GoH: Douglas Adams. Memb: $30 to 7/4/03, then $40. Info: Diversicon, Box 8036 Lake St. Station, Minneapolis MN 55408; Eric M. Heideman, (612) 721-5959; email:; website:

VISIONS OF HUMANITY IN CYBERCULTURE, CYBERSPACE AND SCIENCE FICTION (Aug 11-13 ’03) Anglo-American College, Prague, Czech Republic. Academic conference. Memb: £105 (cheques to Learning Solutions). Info: Dr. Rob Fisher, c/o Learning Solutions, Priory House, 149b Wroslyn Road, Freeland, Oxfordshire OX29 8HR, UK; email: Rob Fisher,, or Christopher Macallister,; website:

CON-VERSION XX (Aug 15-17 ’03) Westin Hotel, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. GoH: Terry Brooks. Canadian GoH: Robert J. Sawyer. TM: Esther Friesner. Memb: C$50. Info: email:; website:

HORRORFIND WEEKEND 2003 (Aug 15-17 ’03) Hunt Valley Marriott, Hunt Valley MD. Guests: Jack Ketchum, Nancy Kilpatrick, Thomas Monteleone, F. Paul Wilson, more. Memb: $30. Info: LLC, 9722 Groffs Mill Dr., Ste. 109, Owings Mills MD 21117; email:; website:

SWECON 2003 (Aug 15-17 ’03) Ångström Laboratory, Polacksbacken, Uppsala, Sweden. Swedish National Con. GoHs: Ken MacLeod, Alastair Reynolds. FGoH: P.C. Jørgensen. Memb: 250 SEK to 8/1/03, 300 SEK at door. Info: Sten Thaning, Luthagsesplanaden 12B, SE-752 25 Uppsala, Sweden; email:; website:

POLCON 2003 (Aug 21-24 ’03) Centrum Kultury, Elblag, Poland. Polish National SF Con. Memb: 70zl. Info: email: or; website:

BUBONICON 35 (Aug 22-24 ’03) Howard Johnson East, Albuquerque NM. GoH: Charles de Lint. TM: Melinda M. Snodgrass. AGoH: Charles Vess. Memb: $25to 8/11/03 (checks to NMSF Conference), $28 at door. Info: NMSF Conference, Box 37257, Albuquerque NM 87176; (505) 266-8905/232-2892; website:

CONTEMPLATION 2003 (Aug 22-24 ’03) Best Western Columbia Inn, Columbia MO. GoH: Mickey Zucker Reichert. AGoH: Ray Van Tilberg. Fan Guests: William "Bear," Chris "Mamma Bear" Reed. Info: Contemplation, Box 28, Columbia MO 65205; (573) 886-0006; website:

TORCON 3 / WORLDCON 61 (Aug 28-Sep 1 ’03) Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Royal York Hotel (and others), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. GoH: George R.R. Martin. AGoH: Frank Kelly Freas. FGoH: Mike Glyer. GoHst of Honor: Robert Bloch. TM: Spider Robinson. Memb: currently $205 / C$275. Info: Torcon 3, Box 3, Station A, Toronto, Ontario M5W 1A2, Canada; email:; website:

DRAGON*CON (Aug 29-Sep 1 ’03) Atlanta Hyatt Regency & Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta GA. Guests: Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye, Betty Ballantine, Elizabeth Anne Scarborough, Anne McCaffrey, Janny Wurts, Don Maitz, Bill Sienkiewicz, Forry Ackerman, James Marsters, Angela Cartwright, many more. Memb: $60 to 7/15/03, then $75. Info: Dragon*Con, Box 16459, Atlanta GA 30321-9998; (770) 909-0115; website:


COPPERCON 23 (Sep 5-7 ’03) Embassy Suites Phoenix North, Phoenix AZ. GoH: Connie Willis. AGoH: David Mattingly. Music GoH: Larry Warner. Memb: $40. Info: CopperCon 23, Box 62613, Phoenix AZ 85082; (480) 423-0649; email:; website:

LYCON 2003 (Sep 5-7 ’03) Mengstraße, Kommunikationszentrum der Hansestadt Lübeck (Röhre), Lübeck, Germany. Guest: Andreas Richter. Memb: €30 prereg. Info: Eckh. D. Marwitz, 23847 Meddewade, Germany; mobile: 0177 260 760 9; fax: 040 3603 128 745; email:, or; website:

JVL-CON V: WAR OF THE WORLDS (Sep 12-14 ’03) Ramada Inn, Janesville WI. Special Guest: Barbara March. Memb: $25. Info: JVL-CON V, 3202 Midvale Dr. #12, Janesville WI 53546; (608) 756-5525; email:; website:

MAGIC CASEMENTS: A FESTIVAL OF SPECULATIVE FICTION (Sep 13 ’03) NSW Writers’ Centre, Rozelle, Sydney, Australia. Guests: Terry Dowling, Caiseal Mór, Traci Harding, Kate Forsyth, Richard Harland, Fiona McIntosh, Louise Katz, Michelle Marquardt, Josephine Pennicott, Cat Sparks, Bill Congreve, James Cain, Stephanie Smith, Van Ikin, Kim Selling, Ruth Drobnak, more. Memb: Free. Info: Irina Dunn, Executive Director, NSW Writers’ Centre, Box 1056, Rozelle NSW 2039; (02) 9555 9757; fax: (02) 9818 1327; email:; website:

OXONMOOT 2003 (Sep 18-21 ’03) St. Hugh’s College, Oxford, England. Tolkien Society conference. Memb: £37.50 Tolkien Society members / £42.50 non-members. Info: website:

CAPCLAVE 2003 (Sep 19-21 ’03) [NEW DATES: Nov 21-23 ’03]

FOOLSCAP V (Sep 19-21 ’03) Bellevue Hilton, Bellevue WA. GoHs: Greg Bear, Sergio Aragones. Memb: $45. Info: Foolscap, Box 2461, Seattle WA 98111-2461; (206) 938-2452; email:; website:

MIDWEST CONSTRUCTION 2 (Sep 19-21 ’03) Hawthorne Suites, Ann Arbor MI. Con running convention. Memb: $45 pre-reg., more at door. Info: 707 Sapling Ln., Deerfield IL 60015; email:; website:

ARCANA 33 (Sep 26-28 ’03) Holiday Inn Express - Bandana Square, St. Paul MN. GoH: Gahan Wilson. Memb: $35. Info: ARCANA 33, Box 8036, Lake St. Station, Minneapolis MN 55408; Eric, (612) 721-5959; email:; website:

TO BE CONTINUED 2 (Sep 26-28 ’03) Radisson Hotel & Star Plaza Theater, Merrillville IN. Guests: Larry Niven, Eugene Roddenberry Jr., Richard Biggs, Rockne S. O’Bannon, Jason Carter, Julie Caitlin-Brown. Artist Guest: Alan Clark. Music Guest: Corbin Keep. Fan Guest: Tracy Lunquist. Memb: $35. Info: To Be CONtinued, Box 1582, No. Riverside IL 60546; email:; website:

PHOENIX CONVENTION (P-CON) (Sep 27-28 ’03) Ashling Hotel, Dublin, Ireland. GoH: Ken MacLeod. Guests: Eugene Byrne, Diane Duane, Roger Gregg, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, James P. Hogan, Gerry Hunt, Morgan Jones, Katherine Kurtz, Ian McDonald, Juliet E. McKenna, John Meaney, Peter Morwood, David Murray, Kim Newman, Colmán Ó Raghallaigh, John W. Sexton, Charlie Stross, Ian Watson, Steve Westcott. Memb: €30 / £20 to 9/26/03, €35 / £22.50 at door. Info: P-CON, c/o Yellow Brick Road, 8 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1, Ireland; email:; website:


ARCHON 27 (Oct 2-5 ’03) Gateway Convention Center / Holiday Inn, Collinsville IL. GoH: Michael Stackpole. AGoH: Butch Honeck. Media GoHs: Andreas Katsulas, Julie Caitlin Brown. Gaming GoH: Majestic Twelve Games. Costuming GoH: Kenneth Hall. Filk GoH: Michael ‘‘Moonwulf’’ Longcor. FGoHs: Jim Murray, Paula Helm Murray, Margene Bahm. TM: Dana Eilers. Masquerade MC: Vic Milán. Memb: $45. Info: Archon 27, Box 8387, St. Louis MO 63132-8387; Rich or Michelle Zellich, (636) 326-3026; email:; website:

CONJECTURE II (Oct 3-5 ’03) DoubleTree Club, Mission Valley, San Diego CA. GoH: Robert Charles Wilson. Theme: Time travel. Memb: $45. Info: Conjecture, Box 927388, San Diego CA 92192; email:; website:

CONTEXT XVI (Oct 3-5 ’03) The Ramada Plaza Hotel and Conference Center, Columbus OH. GoHs: Catherine Asaro, Eric Flint. Memb: $45. Info: Context, Box 163391, Columbus OH 43216; (614) 889-0436; fax: (614) 889-1930; email:; website:

NORCON 2003 (Oct 3-5 ’03) Oslo, Norway. Norwegian National SF Con. British GoH: Peter F. Hamilton. Memb: $30 / NOK 200 / £20 / €25. Info: Norcon 2003, c/o Johannes H. Berg, Tuengen Allé 10, N-0374, Oslo, Norway; cellphone: +47 92 08 13 65; email:; website:

SILICON 2003 (Oct 3-5 ’03) [CANCELLED]

NEWCON2 (Oct 4 ’03) ‘‘Roadmender’’ club, Northampton, England. GoHs: Stephen Baxter, Dominic Harman, Ben Jeapes. Memb: £9. Info: Northampton SF Writers Group, 16 Albany Rd., Northampton NN1 5LZ, England; email:

ZAHCON 2003 (Oct 4-6 ’03) Torun, Poland. Info: email:; website:

ALBACON 03 (Oct 10-12 ’03) Roaring Brook Resort & Conference Center, Lake George NY. GoH: Lois McMaster Bujold. AGoH: Allen Koszowski. FGoH: Oz Fontecchio. Filk GoH: Leslie Fish. Memb: $45. Info: Albacon, Box 2085, Albany NY 12220-0085; email:; website:

CONSTELLATION XXII: PEGASUS (Oct 10-12 ’03) Holiday Inn Express, Huntsville AL. GoH: Mercedes Lackey. MC: Larry Dixon. AGoH: Don Maitz. FGoHs: Guy and Rosy Lillian. Memb: $40. Info: Con†Stellation XXII: Pegasus, Box 4857, Huntsville AL 35815-4857; email:; website:

GRISSECON ONE (Oct 10-12 ’03) Tillington Hall Hotel, Stafford, UK. Wraeththu convention. GoH: Storm Constantine. Guests: Freda Warringon, Andrew Collins, Ricardo Pinto, Ruby, Anne Sudworth, Wendy Darling, Phil Hine, more. Memb: £60. Info: Grissecon One, 6 Leonards Ave., Stafford ST17 4LT, UK; email: or; website:

ICON 28 (Oct 10-12 ’03) Clarion Hotel, Cedar Rapids IA. GoH: David Drake. AGoH: Lee See. FGoH: Gregg Parmentier. TM: Rusty Hevelin. Memb: $35. Info: ICON 28, 221 E. Market St., PMB #201, Iowa City IA 52245; (319) 626-2099; email:; website:

VCON 28 (Oct 10-12 ’03) Days Hotel Surrey, Surrey, BC. GoHs: Nalo Hopkinson, Esther Friesner. Sci. GoH: Jordin Kare. AGoH: Adrian Kleinbergen. Guests: Spider & Jeanne Robinson, Don DeBrandt, more. Memb: $40 / C$50. Info: VCon 28, c/o 2116 Macdonald, Main floor, Vancouver, BC V6K 3Y5; email:

CONCLAVE 28 (Oct 17-19 ’03) Holiday Inn South - Convention Center, Lansing MI. GoHs: Michael Kube-McDowell, Jody Lynn Nye. AGoH: Michael Arcana. FGoHs: Bill & Brenda Sutton. Memb: $35. Info: Conclave, Inc., Box 2915, Ann Arbor MI 48106; email:; website:

CONSUME / RELAXACON 2003 (Oct 17-19 ’03) Travelodge Hotel, St. Paul MN. Memb: $40. Info: Rick Gellman, 1105 Bellecrest Dr., Maplewood MN 55109-1902; (651) 483-6290; email:; website:

INCON 2003 (Oct 17-19 ’03) DoubleTree Hotel, Spokane WA. Guests: Elizabeth Moon, Leslie D’Allessandro Hawes, Seattle Knights. Memb: $25. Info: InCon Convention, Box 9112, Spokane WA 99209-9912; website:

HALLOWCON ’03 (Oct 24-26 ’03) Comfort Inn, Chattanooga TN. Medieval Fantasy and Gothic Horror Convention. Guests: Julia Morgan Scott, Sean Patrick Fannon, John A. De Vito. Memb: $30. Info: Hallowcon c/o L.D. Stacy, 172 McNeese Ln., Ringgold GA 30736; email:; website:

HANSECON 19 (Oct 24-27 ’03) CVJM-Haus, Gr. Petersgrube 13, Lübeck, Germany. Info: email:; website:

MILEHICON 35 (Oct 24-26 ’03) Sheraton Hotel, Lakewood CO. GoHs: Barry B. Longyear, Christopher Stasheff. AGoH: Lubov. Fan / Comic GoH: Shaenon K. Garrity. TM: Walter Jon Williams. Memb: $32. Info: MileHiCon, Box 101322, Denver CO 80250-1322; (303) 657-5912; email:; website:

NECRONOMICON 2003 (Oct 24-26 ’03) Crowne Plaza, Tampa FL. GoHs: Gahan Wilson, Steve Jackson, Ellisa Mitchell. Guests: Lynn Abbey, Richard Lee Byers, Owl Goingback, Jean Pierre Targete, more. Memb: $30. Info: Necronomicon 2003, Box 2213, Plant City FL 33564-2213; email:; website:

THEY CAME AND SHAVED US (Oct 24-26 ’03) Fairways Hotel & Conference Centre, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland. GoH: Robert Rankin. FGoH: Padraig O Mealoid. Memb: £35 / €55 (cheques / postal orders to ‘‘They Came and Shaved Us’’). Info: They Came and Shaved Us, 123 Carnlough Rd., Cabra West, Dublin 7, Ireland; or, They Came and Shaved Us, 13A Bridge Rd., Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 2QW, England; email:; website:

WORLD FANTASY CONVENTION 2003 (Oct 30-Nov 2 ’03) Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, Washington DC. GoHs: Brian Lumley, Jack Williamson. Publisher GoH: W. Paul Ganley. AGoH: Allen Koszowski. MC: Douglas E. Winter. Memb: $150 to 10/15/03. Info: World Fantasy Convention 2003, 7113 Wayne Dr., Annandale VA 22003-1734; email:; website: or

ARMADACON: 15 (Oct 31-Nov 2 ’03) Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth, England. Guests: Michael Sheard, more TBA. Memb: £30. Info: 88 Knighton Rd., St. Judes, Plymouth, England; 0780 1492114; email:; website:

DRACULA SOCIETY 30TH ANNIVERSARY: I BID YOU WELCOME (Oct 31-Nov 2 ’03) The Royal Victoria & Bull Hotel, Rochester, Kent, England. Memb: £60 members / £70 non-members. Info: The Dracula Society, Box 30848, London W12 0GY, England; email:; website:

VALLEYCON 28 (Oct 31-Nov 2 ’03) Moorhead Conference Center, Courtyard Marriott, Moorhead MN. AGoHs: Fastner & Larson. More guests TBA. Memb: $25. Info: email:; website:


CONTRACEPTION 15 (Nov 7-9 ’03) Comfort Inn, Independence MO. Theme: Tails of the Arabian Knights. Adults only (21+). GoH: Brian Hopkins. AGoH: Monte Moore. FGoH: Joyce Downing. TM: Karla Weaver. Memb: $35. Info: Contraception, Box 2000, Lee’s Summit MO 64081; email:; website:

NOVACON 33 (Nov 7-9 ’03) Quality Hotel, Walsall, UK. GoH: Jon Courtenay Grimwood. Memb: £40. Info: 379 Myrtle Road, Sheffield S2 3HQ, UK; email: Steve Lawson,; website:

WINDYCON XXX (Nov 7-9 ’03) Hyatt Regency Woodfield, Schaumburg IL. GoH: Gregory Benford. AGoH: Vincent Di Fate. Publisher GoH: Tom Doherty. Sci. GoH: John G. Cramer. FGoHs: Mark & Lynne Aronson. 30th Anniversary GoH: Phyllis Eisenstein. Special Guests: Kathryn Cramer, David Hartwell, Jim Frenkel, Christian Ready, Jeri Smith-Ready, Pamela Sargent, George Zebrowski. Memb: $50. Info: WindyCon XXX, Box 184, Palatine IL 60078-0184; email:; website:

CON*CEPT 2003 (Nov 8 ’03) Days Inn Hotel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Theme: Where Science-Fiction Meets Fantasy. Media GoH: Michael Sheard. Francophone Media GoH: Fréd-éric Ouellet. Author GoH: Dave Duncan. AGoHs: Ted Nasmith, Heidi Taillefer. MCs: Larry Stewart, Pascal Forget, Paul Bennett. Memb: $25. Info: MonSFFA, Attn: Con*Cept 2003 Registration, Box 1186, Place du Parc, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2X 4A7; email: Cathy Palmer-Lister,; website:

ORYCON 25 (Nov 14-16 ’03) DoubleTree Hotel Portland Columbia River, Portland OR. GoH: Nina Kiriki Hoffman. Sci. GoH: Ken Goddard. Ed. GoH: Toni Weisskopf. Special Editor Guest: Martin Greenberg. Featured Artist: Gail Butler. Friends of Filk Guest: Uffington Horse. Memb: $50. Info: OryCon 25, Box 5464, Portland OR 97228-5464; (503) 646-0731; email:, or; website:

RING*CON 2003 (Nov 14-16 ’03) Maritim Hotel, Bonn, Germany. Tolkien convention. Guests: John Rhys-Davies, Lawrence Makoare, Bruce Hopkins, Mark Ferguson, Jørn Benzon, Marc B. Lee, Reiner Knizia, Frank Weinreich, Oliver Bidlo, Colleen Doran, Alexandra Velten, Myk Jung, more. MC: Marc B. Lee. Memb: €110. Info: Dirk Bartholomä, FedCon GmbH, Sitz Augsburg, Amtsgericht Augsburg: HRB 14266, Germany; 0821/219 0932; fax: 0821/219 1937; email: or; website:

TUSCON XXX (Nov 14-16 ’03) Inn-Suites Hotel, Tucson AZ. GoH: Yvonne Navarro. AGoH: Leslie D’Allesandro Hawes. Music GoHs: Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Jeff Bohnhoff. TM: Edward Bryant. Memb: $45. Info: TusCon, Box 2528, Tucson AZ 85702-2528; Cristi, (520) 881-3709; Rebecca, (520) 293-1455; fax: (520) 571-7180; email:; website:

COASTCON JR XII (Nov 15-16 ’03) Airport Holiday Inn, Gulfport MS. Artist Guest: Michael Provins. Memb: $20. Info: CoastCon Jr, Box 1423, Biloxi MS 39533; (228) 435-5217; email:; website:

CAPCLAVE 2003 [NEW DATES ] (Nov 21-23 ’03) Hilton Silver Spring, Silver Spring MD. GoH: William Tenn. Memb: $40. Info: Capclave 2003, c/o Cathy Green, 3003 Van Ness St. NW, Apt. W527, Washington DC 20008; email:; website:

FANTASYCON 2003 (Nov 21-23 ’03) Tillington Hall, Stafford, UK. GoHs: Christopher Fowler, Catherine Fisher. Memb: £55 British Fantasy Society members & students / £60 non-members. Info: Send SASE to FantasyCon 2003, Beech House, Chapel Lane, Moulton, Cheshire CW9 8PQ, UK; email: or; website:

LOSCON 30 (Nov 28-30 ’03) Burbank Hilton & Convention Center, Burbank CA. Theme: Navigating the Worlds of Science Fiction. GoH: Fred Saberhagen. AGoH: Teddy Harvia. FGoH: Jack L. Chalker. Special Media Guest: Armin Shimerman. Memb: $45. Info: Loscon 30, 11513 Burbank Blvd., N. Hollywood CA 91601; (818) 760-9234; email:; website:

ITZACON 5 (Nov 29-30 ’03) Hyatt Regency DFW, Dallas TX. Guests: Kyle Hebert, Steve Bennett, P.N. Elrod. Memb: $10. Info: email:; website:


SMOFCON 21 (Dec 5-7 ’03) Embassy Suites Hotel O’Hare - Rosemont, Rosemont IL. Con-running convention. Memb: $60 to 11/30/03, more at door. Info: SMOFcon 21, 707 Sapling Ln., Deerfield IL 60015-3969; email:; website:

PHILCON 2003 (Dec 12-14 ’03) Marriott Center City, Philadelphia PA. Principal Speaker: Jack McDevitt. Artist GoH: Greg Hildebrandt. Special Guests: Peter David, Harry Harrison. Memb: $45 to 11/30/03, then more. Info: Philcon, Box 8303, Philadelphia PA 19101-8303; email:; website:

THE GATHERING OF THE FELLOWSHIP (Dec 15-17 ’03) Sheraton Centre Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Memb: $75 / C$105 to 12/13/03, then $85 / C$116. Info: The Gathering of the Fellowship, 2003, Inc., 20 Eglington Ave. East, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario M4P 1A9, Canada; (416) 876-8743; (416) 485-4901; email:; website:

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