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<<I record the vital-icon+our chromosome form escape of the suck=blood chromosome::the horizon of the body fluid=murder like the dog that was done to nude gene=TV/spasm//I am disillusioned with the volume inoculation of hydromachine::the circuit without the end of masses of flesh::I disappear with the body of the machine nature of ToK::<<I suck the porno nerve gas of boyroid//The soul/gram of self crushes to the quantum tragedy of NDRO//Output=criminal of the internal-organ-system>>It quantifies++maso=traffic::of ToKAGE that crowds in the Cadaver City-city//Soul/gram of which liquefied internal body fluid++of self that caused digital-vamp the rape function::the beast that proliferates is imprisoned to the hologram of a dog and reverb//Malice of crucified memory/
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Kenji Siratori, Blood Electric (Creation Books, June 2002)

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