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This page lists all new SFFH magazines seen by Locus Online, either subscribed to or received for review.

All descriptions are by Locus Online editor Mark R. Kelly.

Date in parentheses at paragraph end is date seen or received.

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New SF, Fantasy, and Horror magazines seen in August

Analog Science Fiction and Fact -- Vol. 121 No. 10, October 2001, $3.50/C$4.95, 144pp, cover art by David A. Hardy, cover design by Victoria Green.
Long-running professional "Science Fiction and Fact" magazine, edited by Stanley Schmidt. This issue's cover story is one of the last short works by the late Poul Anderson (another item is due next month), "Pele", a short novella that uses the background of Larry Niven's Man-Kzin War universe. Other fiction: novelettes by Daniel Hatch, David Phalen, and Rajnar Vajra; short stories by Tom Sweeney and Stephen L. Burns. The science fact article is a timely piece about stem cell research, by Kyle Kirkland Ph.D. Stanley Schmidt's editorial addresses the conceptual flaws in standard scifi notions of immortality (copying memories into a clone or a computer, etc.). Departments include John G. Cramer's "The Alternate View", book reviews by Tom Easton, and letters, including several responding to a recent Schmidt editorial about religion. (website)
(Tue 7 Aug 2001)

Asimov's Science Fiction -- Vol. 25 No. 9 (whole #308) , September 2001, $3.50/C$4.95, 144pp, cover art by Arthur Robert.
Professional SF magazine, edited by Gardner Dozois, with a novella by Eliot Fintushel ("Female Action"); novelettes by Jim Grimsley (the cover story) and Robert R. Chase; short stories by Mike Resnick, John Alfred Taylor, Lois Tilton, and Bruce Sterling (his Nature vignette reprinted from last year); and a poem by Ian Watson. Departments include Reflections by Robert Silverberg, about performance art with genetically engineered animals foreshadowed in Silverberg's 1970 novel To Live Again; complete results of the 15th Annual Readers' Awards; book reviews by Peter Heck; and James Patrick Kelly's latest On the Net column, which explores science and myth on the web. (website)
(Tue 7 Aug 2001)

Dreams of Decadence -- Issue 15, Autumn 2001, $5.00, 40pp, cover art by Marianne Plumridge-Eggleton.
Small-press vampire magazine edited by Angela Kessler, with fiction by Sarah A. Hoyt, Jennifer Quail and Sherrie Brown, plus poetry by Antonia Mitchell, Cliff Roberts, Mike Allen, Daniel Trout, and Wendy Rathbone. (website)
(Thu 2 Aug 2001)

Interzone -- Issue 170, August 2001, £3.00, 67pp, cover art by Dominic Harman.
Monthly UK SF magazine (the only 12-times-a-year monthly fiction magazine left!) edited by David Pringle. This issue has fiction by Richard Calder (the latest in his Lord Soho sequence), Thomas M. Disch, Stephen Dedman, Ashok Banker (titled ""), and Zoran Zivkovic. Features include results of the readers' story poll for 2000; a long interview with Richard Calder by Charles Rudkin, David Langford's Ansible Link column; a Gary Westfahl essay about "The Novels Science Fiction Readers Don't See" i.e. Star Trek novels, and what readers see in them; book reviews by Paul McAuley and others; and annotated Books Received listings. (website)
(Wed 15 Aug 2001)

The New York Review of Science Fiction -- Issue 156, Vol. 13 No. 12, August 2001, $3.50, 24pp.
Monthly critical magazine, edited by David G. Hartwell and others. This "Special Critical Looks Issue" has a long essay by Tavis Allison applying the scientific principles of Gwyneth Jones's Deconstructing the Starships to a "randomly selected work of sf", George Zebrowski's Brute Orbits; an essay by Patricia A. McKillip about her numerous readings of The Lord of the Rings and how it's affected her own writing; and a long essay by Paul Di Filippo about his attempt to emulate Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow, a formative work of his early reading career, in his recent novel Ciphers. Also, reviews of books by McArthur, Noon, Sargent, Nagata, Hughes, Zebrowski, and Bujold. (website)
(Thu 2 Aug 2001)

Orb Speculative Fiction -- Issue 2, ©2001, A$16.00, 215pp, cover art by Daryl Lindquist.
Third issue, following Issue 0 and Issue 1, of Australian SF magazine edited by Sarah Endacott appearing at approximately annual intervals. This is a hefty, fat issue with fiction by Kaaron Warren, Reilly McCarron, Aidan Doyle, Tracey Rolfe, Claire McKenna, Adam Browne, Helen Patrice, Stephen Dedman, Paul Haines, Geoffrey Maloney, Andrew Tompkins, Sue Isle, and Carolyn Scott. Plus, a brief interview (more of a profile) of Arthur C. Clarke, and a longer interview with Robin Hobb; and book reviews (mostly of books by Australian writers). (website)
(Wed 15 Aug 2001)

Spectrum SF -- Issue 6, July 2001, £3.99, 160pp, cover art by Dominic Harman.
SF perfect-bound small-press magazine, approximately quarterly, edited by Paul Fraser. This issue has the conclusion of a serial by John Christopher, "Bad Dream"; novelettes by Stephen Baxter & Simon Bradshaw, and Michael Coney; short stories by Mary Soon Lee, David Redd, and Eric Brown. There's an editorial by Fraser, and "The Archive", Fraser's annotations and reviews of current books and (though these are mostly rather dated) magazines. The notable change this issue from previous issues is the presence of a more-obviously SFnal cover. (website)
(Wed 8 Aug 2001)

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