Table of Contents, January 2000

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January 2000 Issue 468 Vol. 44 No.l
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1999 UPC Award/10
Best SF for the Millennium/10
Best SF for 1999/10
BOMC and Literary Guild Partnership/10
Galaxy Online/11
Babbage Press Formed/11
Borders Discounts Change/11 Sci Fi Radio Coming/11
Publishing News/11 Announcements/11 Legal News/11
Readings & Signings/72 Call for Papers/72 Market News/72
Contest News/72 Book News/73 Magazine News/73 Financial News/73
International Rights/73 Online News/73 Publications Received/73
Gregory Benford: Measuring the Future/6
Geoffrey A. Landis: Hands-On Science/8
1999 World Fantasy Convention/38
Art Saha/68 Arthur Saha, My Father by Heidi Elizabeth Saha/68
Ludek Pesek/68 Joseph Heller/68 Paul Bowles/68 Quentin Crisp/68
Frank MacShane/68 George V. Higgins/68 Clarissa Luard/68
Death Announced: Ignacio Romeo Perez/69
Howard Browne Remembered by Robert Silverberg/69
Magazines Received: November/44
Books Received: November/45 British Books: October/60
Bestsellers/66 Photo Listing/78 Index to Ads/78
People & Publishing/12 Editorial Matters/70
Pelan, ed.; Mojo Hand, Greg Kihn; The Crow:Temple
of the Night, S.P. Somtow; SHORT TAKES: Forever
Azathoth and Other Horrors, Peter Cannon.
Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman / 33
Sultan of the Moon and Stars, Tom Arden; Typhon’s
Children, Toni Anzetti; Learning Fear, B.A. Chepaitis;
The Truthsayer’s Apprentice, Deborah Christian; Cold
Iron, Sophie Masson; Clementine, Sophie Masson;
Crazy Jack, Donna Jo Napoli; The Fifth Elephant,
Terry Pratchett; Sky Rider, Nancy Springer.
Locus Looks at Art Books
Reviews by Karen Haber / 35
Spirit Country: Contemporary Australian Aboriginal
Art, Jennifer Isaacs; Spectrum 6: The Best in
Contemporary Fantastic Art, Cathy Fenner & Arnie
Fenner, eds.; Science Fiction of the 20th Century:
An Illustrated History, Frank M. Robinson; Sandman:
The Dream Hunters, Neil Gaiman; SHORT TAKES: A
Midsummer Night’s Faery Tale, Wendy Fro ud & Terri
Windling; Opus: Volume One: 1999, Barry Windsor-
Smith; Legacy: Selected Paintings & Drawings by
the Grand Master of Fantastic Art, Frank Frazetta; A
Boy Named Giotto, Paolo Guarnieri; Jack and the
Beanstalk, Ann Keay Beneduce.
Official Locus Web Sites. Locus Web Page: h ttp://
w w w .L o c u sm a g .c om ; L o c u s P o ll D a ta b a s e :
www t/locu s/po ll/in d ex.h tml; Locus index to
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This magazine is printed on recycled paper
using soy-based inks.
Distillations: Short Fiction
Reviews by Mark R. Kelly / 17
Asimov’s 12/99; Analog 10/99; Analog 11/99; Analog
12/99; Interzone 9/99; Interzone 10/99; Amazing Stories
Fall ’99; Century #5, Winter 2000; F&SF 12/99.
Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe / 21
Crescent City Rhapsody, Kathleen Ann Goonan; Foreign
Bodies, Stephen Dedman; Timeline, Michael
Crichton; Algernon, Charlie and I: A Writer’s Journey,
Daniel Keyes; Science Fiction of the 20th Century:
An Illustrated History, Frank M. Robinson.
Reviews by Faren Miller / 25
Strange Travelers, Gene Wolfe; Enchanted Night,
Steven Millhauser; The Book of Ash #1: A Secret History,
Mary Gentle; The Book of Ash #2: Carthage
Ascendant, Mary Gentle; The Quiet Invasion, Sarah
Zettel; Knight of the Demon Queen, Barbara Hambly;
The Fox Woman, Kij Johnson.
Reviews by Russell Letson / 29
Forever Free, Joe Haldeman; The Memory of Fire,
George Foy; SHORT TAKE: In the Beginning…Was
the Command Line, Neal Stephenson.
Reviews by Edward Bryant / 31
The Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique; John
LOCUS January 2000/3