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February 1999

This page lists new magazines seen and received by Locus Online. This listing is independent of the comprehensive Magazines Received listings in Locus Magazine. The date in parentheses is the date seen. For subscription and website information, see Magazine Links.
Adventures of Sword & Sorcery -- Issue 6, $4.95, 75pp. Fiction by S.M. Stirling, Mary Frances Zambreno, James Van Pelt, 5 others. Book reviews by Carroll Brown. Cover by Daniel R. Horne. (Mon 8 Feb 1999)

Albedo One -- Issue 18, 1998, £2.95, 42pp. Fiction by Brian Stableford, Hugh Cook, Tais Teng, Nigel Fletcher, Harvey O'Brien. Interview with Walter Jon Williams. Book reviews, letters. Cover by James Quinn. (Tue 16 Feb 1999)

Challenging Destiny -- Issue 5, Jan 1999, 114pp. Fiction by D. Sandy Nielsen, Anne Louise Johnson, Carol W. Berman, B.R. Bearden, Mark Leslie, Hugh Cook. Interview with Robert J. Sawyer. Reviews of Arthur C. Clarke's entire 2001 oeuvre by James Schellenberg. Cover by Alfred L. Jones. (Tue 9 Feb 1999)

Indigenous Fiction -- Issue 2, Jan 1999, $6.00, 76pp. Fiction and poetry by Kathryn Kulpa, Dorothy Bates, Ann K. Schwader, etc., plus an interview with Dale Bailey. Cover by Craig Schultz. (Wed 3 Feb 1999)

Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction -- Vol. 96 No. 3 (whole #571) , Mar 1999, $3.50, 162pp. Novelettes by Paul J. McAuley, Laurel Winter, Kristine Kathryn Rusch; short stories by Robin Aurelian, Nick DiChario, Robin Wilson; poem by Michael Bishop (about Philip K. Dick). Science column by Gregory Benford; reviews by Charles de Lint, Robert K.J. Killheffer, Kathi Maio (films). Curiosities department by Keith Ferrell. Cover by Barclay Shaw. (Mon 1 Feb 1999)

Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction -- Vol. 96 No. 4 (whole #572) , Apr 1999, $3.50, 162pp. Novelettes by Sheila Finch, Michael Thomas, Rob Chilson; short stories by Rick Wilber, India Edghill, M. Shayne Bell, Joel Lane and Chris Morgan. Reviews by Charles de Lint, Michelle West, Gordon Van Gelder; departments by Paul Di Filippo, Gregory Benford, Jeffrey Ford. Cover by Ron Walotsky. (Fri 19 Feb 1999)

New York Review of Science Fiction -- Issue 126, Vol. 11 No. 6, Feb 1999, $3.50, 24pp. Essays by Brian Stableford and Damien Broderick, two reviews of Starlight 2, plus other reviews of books by Andrew Miller, Avram Davidson & Grania Davis, Robert Silverberg, etc. (Sat 20 Feb 1999)

Odyssey -- Issue 7, 1998, $6.95, 70pp. Ficton by Keith Brooke, Jo Walton, Neile Graham, etc.; columns by David Langford, Hilda Reilly, Marcus L. Rowland, and Colin Greenland; interviews with Maureen F. McHugh and Charles de Lint. Cover by ??. (Sat 20 Feb 1999)

Parsec -- Vol. 3 No. 2, Win 1998/ 1999, $4.25, 58pp. ''Canada's Sci-Fi Source'' covering mostly TV and comics but including three stories (not listed in the TOC) by Mark Leslie, Kirsten Parker, and Bob R. Milne, plus profiles of authors Nancy Kilpatrick and Julie E. Czerneda, short book reviews. (Sat 20 Feb 1999)

Pirate Writings -- Issue 17, 1999, $4.95, 64pp. Fiction and poetry by Paul Di Filippo, Chris Bunch, Keith Allen Daniels, Mary Soon Lee, etc., plus interview with Tom Piccirilli, and article about Roswell, book reviews. Cover by Michael Apice. (Sat 20 Feb 1999)

Realms of Fantasy -- Vol. 5 No. 4, Apr 1999, $3.99, 82pp. Fiction by Joe Mastroianni, Tim Myers, Christopher Rowe, Richard Parks, M. Shayne Bell; book reviews by Gahan Wilson; departments by Marty Baumann, Heinz Insu Fenkl, Karen Haber (profiling Stephen Youll's art), Eric Baker. Cover by Keith Parkinson. (Thu 18 Feb 1999)

Star*Line -- Issue 22.2, Mar/Apr 1999, 20pp. Poetry by Lee Ballentine, Terry A. Garey, Sandra J. Lindow, W. Gregory Stewart, etc.; small press reviews. Cover by Denny Marshall. (Mon 8 Feb 1999)

Talebones -- Issue 14, Win* 1999, $4.50, 72pp. Fiction and poetry by Stefano Donati, Elisabeth Devos, Robert N. Stephenson, Bruce Boston, etc.; interview with Connie Willis; reviews by Janna Silverstein, Ed Bryant, and others. Cover by Tom Simonton. (Wed 3 Feb 1999)

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