Table of Contents, July 1999

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July 1999 Issue 462 Vol. 43 No.1
32nd Year of Publication 20-Time Hugo Winner
HarperCollins Buys Avon/10 Sullivan Wins Clarke Award/10
Barnes & Noble/Ingram Merger Off/10 1998 Stoker Awards/10
King Hurt/10 Random Reorganizes/11 1999 Sturgeon Award Finalists/11
WH. Smith Buys Hodder Headline/11 Wizards Settles with SFWA, Signs with Tor/11
King Pulls Rage/11 New York Times vs.
Australia to Tax Books/11 Worldcon News/11 Announcements/11
Awards News/11 International Awards News/71 Contest News/71
Financial News/71 Book News/71 Magazine News/71
Market News/71 Publications Received/71 Catalogs Received/72
Pat Murphy: Playing With Reality/6
Karen Joy Fowler: Life & Death & Life/8
1999 NebulaWeekend/38
1999 Eurocon – Trinity/37
When Worlds Collide: SF Meets Art Nouveau in Nancy/37
Clifton Fadiman/68 Larry Sternig/68 Dias Gomes/68
John Broome/68 Paul S. Newman/68
Robert J. Sobel/68 Beverly Lewis/68
Conventions/43 Magazines Received: May/45 Books Received: May/48
British Books: April/60 Bestsellers/66 Photo Listing/78 Index to Ads/78
People & Publishing/12 Locus Letters/68 Editorial Matters/69
Distillations: Short Fiction
Reviews by Mark R. Kelly /1 5
F&SF 6/99; Interzone 5/99; Asimov’s 6/99; Event Horizon
Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe /1 9
The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror:Twelfth Annual
Collection, Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds.; Mr. X,
Peter Straub; The Marriage of Sticks, Jonathan Carroll;
Where Garagiola Waits and Other Baseball
Stories, Rick Wilber; Starfish, Peter Watts; Science-
Fiction:The Gernsback Years, Everett F. Bleiler, with
the assistance of Richard J. Bleiler; Science Fiction
Magazine Story Index, 1926-1995, Terry A. Murray.
Reviews by Faren Miller / 23
Shiva 3000, Jan Lars Jensen; Are You Loathsome Tonight?,
Poppy Z. Brite; Pixel Juice, Jeff Noon; The Rainy
Season, James P. Blaylock; Dark Sister, Graham Joyce;
The Dedalus Book of Spanish Fantasy, Margaret Jull
Costa & Anneila McDermott, eds. & trans.
Reviews by Russell Letson / 25
The Cassini Division, Ken MacLeod; Teranesia, Greg
Reviews by Edward Bryant / 27
Dark Sister, Graham Joyce; A Prayer for the Dying,
Stewart O’Nan; The Lost Bloch, Volume 1 :The Devil
With You!, Robert Bloch; SHORT TAKE: Rot, Gary
Short Reviews by Jonathan Strahan / 29
Centaurus:The Best of Australian Science Fiction,
David G. Hartwell & Damien Broderick, eds.; A Dark
Victory, Dave Luckett; Souls in the Great Machine,
Sean McMullen; Down There in Darkness, George
Turner; Fireflaught, Andrew Whitmore; New Adventures
in Sci-Fi, Sean Williams.
Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman / 31
Traitor’s Moon, Lynn Flewelling; The Cowboy and
the Vampire, Clark Hays & Kathleen McFall; Voice
of the Demon, Kate Jacoby; Shackle and Sword,
Alanna Morland; The Belly of the Bow, K.J. Parker;
Lord Demon, Roger Zelazny & Jane Lindskold.
Locus Looks at Art Books by Karen Haber / 33
The World of Michael Parkes, Maria Sedoff; The Savage
Tales of Solomon Kane, Robert E. Howard; Wind
Child, Shirley Rousseau Murphy; King Midas and
the Golden Touch, Charlotte Craft; The Collector of
Moments, Quint Buchholz; SHORT TAKES; Nova’s Ark,
David Kirk; Malefic, Luis Royo.
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