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''War of the Worlds'', 60 Years On

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Halloween broadcast of Orson Welles' ''War of the Worlds'' radio play, a new play by Terry Bisson and Sci-Fi Channel producer Brian Smith, ''Orson the Alien! The Untold Story Behind 'The War of the Worlds' '', will be staged at the Museum of Television and Radio in New York City (25 W. 52nd St.) on October 30th at 10 p.m. The play stars Walter Koenig and will be broadcast live on The Sci-Fi Channel.

(Wed 21 Oct 1998)


DNA Publications has announced plans to take over management of Pirate Writings and Aboriginal SF magazines. The magazines will continue to be edited by Charles C. Ryan and Edward J. McFadden respectively. DNA Publications already publishes Absolute Magnitude, Dreams of Decadence, and Weird Tales®. Meanwhile, SF Site, which hosts websites of a number of magazines including Analog, Asimov's, and DNA Publications' magazines, is working with the respective publishers of Tangent (David Truesdale) and Science Fiction Chronicle (Andrew I. Porter) to add their publications to its web empire.

(Wed 21 Oct 1998)

Wizards CD ROM

The Science-fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is concerned about a plan by Wizards of the Coast to issue a CD ROM containing the first 250 issues of Dragon magazine -- without paying anyone for reprints. SFWA has expressed its concern to Wizards of the Coast, and encourages its members to do likewise. Legally however SFWA may not have a case; the way Locus Online understands it, the courts have declared that publication of entire issues on CD ROM, or on a website, constitute extended print runs of the original issues, and are not ''reprints''. (This may be why some magazines seem so generous in posting their entire contents on the web.)

(Wed 21 Oct 1998)

UFO Berlin

UFO Berlin, an SF/fantasy/horror bookstore that opened in Berlin, Germany, on September 5th, would like to stock English language magazines and books, including small-press books, and encourages publishers to contact them. The store stocks a full range of German books and magazines and accepts credit card orders. Email:; fax: 0049-30-69505118; send catalogues/samples to UFO Phantastische Buchhandlung, Bergmannstr. 25, D-10961 Berlin.

(Wed 21 Oct 1998)

Nebula Awards Sites

The Science-fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Board of Directors has determined the sites for the next several Nebula Awards weekends. The 1999 site, already determined, is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, headed by Paul Levinson and Michael Burstein. In 2000 the weekend will be in New York City, headed by Sheila Williams. In 2001 the Nebulas will come to Los Angeles, coinciding with a major book expo in the city at the same time.

(Wed 21 Oct 1998)

Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire

Winners were announced October 3rd and will be presented at an awards ceremony during the Futuroscope festival, the European Theme-Park of the Moving Image in Poitiers, France. (Jack Vance will also be honored; see Locus October 1998, page 10.)

French novel (or collection)
Roland C. Wagner, the ''Les Futurs Mysteres de Paris'' (''Future Mysteries of Paris'') series, which includes L'Odyssée de l'espéce

Foreign novel (or collection)
Valerio Evangelisti, the ''Nicholas Eymerich'' series, which includes Nicholas Eymerich, Inquisiteur and Les Chaines d'Eymerich

French Short Story
Jean-Jacques Nguyen, ''L'Amour au temps du silicium'' (''Love in the Silicium Era''), from the anthology Escales sur l'Horizon (''Ports of Call on the Horizon''), edited by Serge Lehman

Foreign Short Story
John Crowley, ''La Grande Oeuvre du Temps'' (''Great Work of Time'')

Nathalie Serval, for work on Jonathan Carroll's novels From the Teeth of Angels and A Child Across the Sky

Children's Fiction
Gerard Moncomble, Prisonniere du Tableau (''Trapped in the Picture!'')

Joseph Altairac for his biography of H. G. Wells

Special Award
Le Visage Vert ("The Green Face"), a literary magazine about turn-of-the-century horror edited by Xavier Legrand-Ferronniere

(Fri 16 Oct 1998, amended Wed 28 Oct 1998)

Market News: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: An Anthology of Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Speculative Fiction by Black Writers is seeking original short fiction by established and emerging black writers. Deadline for submissions: April 30, 1999. Scheduled publication by Warner in 2000. Submit to or query

Sheree R. Thomas
765 Amsterdam Avenue #3C
New York, NY 10025

(Fri 16 Oct 1998)

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