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Datlow Change of Address Update

Ellen Datlow's new address for manuscripts, magazines, and books is:

Ellen Datlow
48 Eighth Avenue suite 405
New York NY 10014

(posted Wed 29 Apr 98)

Change of Address Correction

The April issue of Locus -- and this page -- listed an incorrect zip code for Terri Windling's new address for submissions to The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror (which she co-edits with Ellen Datlow). The correct address is The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, Richard & Mardelle Kunz, Editorial Assistants, 2509 N. Campbell #402, Tucson AZ 85719.

(posted Sun 26 Apr 98)

Seeing Ear Theater

Science fiction audio-drama over the Internet is available at the Sci-Fi Channel's Seeing Ear Theater. Current productions include Allen Steele's "The Death of Captain Future" and James Patrick Kelly's "Think Like a Dinosaur", both Hugo award winning stories. You'll need RealPlayer 3.0 to hear the audio, available from the same website. Steele and Kelly will chatting online about their productions this Thursday, 16 April, at 7 p.m. EDT. Use Netscape 3.01 or later to access this site, or connect your IRC client to and join #auditorium at the appointed time and date.

(posted Tue 14 Apr 98)

Changes of Address

With the dissolution of Omni Online, Ellen Datlow will soon establish a post office box for receiving anthology submissions. In the meantime, books, magazines, and other anthology material can still be sent to her in care of Omni, General Media International, 277 Park Avenue 4th floor, New York, NY 10172-0003, and she can be reached for the next couple weeks there at 212-702-6000 ext 1392.

All manuscripts received for Omni Internet at General Media will be "returned to sender".

Datlow's co-editor for The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Terri Windling, has a new address for submissions. Send material to The Year's Best Fantasy, Richard & Mardelle Kunz, Editorial Assistants, 2509 N. Campbell #402, Tucson AZ 85719.

The last adult fairy tale anthology that Datlow and Windling are editing for Avon is full, so they will not be looking at any more mss on that subject.

(posted Wed 1 Apr 98, updated Mon 6 Apr 98, corrected Sun 26 Apr 98)

USA Today Interactive Stories

USA TODAY is conducting a series of interactive, online stories. Each month a guest author contributes an opening paragraph. Readers submit paragraphs to advance the story, and one is selected each day by the Online Books Editor. The guest author concludes the story at month's end.

January's story was "Abductee", with guest author Roger MacBride Allen. February's story, in progress, is "Illusions", begun by fantasy writer Christie Golden.

(posted Sun 8 Feb 98)

Call for Stories

Ellen Datlow writes:

Terri Windling and I are now reading for THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR: Twelth Annual Collection. The eleventh annual collection will be out in July 1998. We are now reading for the twelth. This will include all material published in the year 1998.

I am looking for stories from all branches of horror: from the traditional-supernatural to the borderline, including high-tech science fiction horror, psychological horror or anything else that might qualify. If in doubt, send it. This is a reprint anthology so I am only reading material published in or about to be published during the year 1998. The submission deadline is December 15th 1998. Anything sent after this deadline will reach me too late to be considered for 1998. If a magazine you edit will be coming out by December 31st 1998 you can send me galleys or mss so that I can judge the stories in time. The sooner I get the material the better.

There is a section in front of the book that covers "the year in horror," and "the year in fantasy." These include mention of magazines and publishing news concerning the horror and fantasy fields, novels we've read and liked, and in my section, "odds and ends"-- material that doesn't fit anywhere else but that I feel might interest the horror reader (like trading cards, strange nonfiction titles, art books, etc). But I have to be aware of this material in order to mention it. The deadline for this section is January 30th, 1999.

When sending material to me please write YEAR'S BEST HORROR on the envelope.

Terri Windling reads only during the fall. She covers fantasy exclusively and I cover horror exclusively. If you consider something both, send to each of us. We do not confer on our choices. ****Please be aware that I do not want to receive manuscripts from authors of stories from venues that it's likely I already receive regularly (like Interzone, The Third Alternative, Peeping Tom, etc).


Ellen Datlow
c/o OMNI Internet
General Media International
277 Park Avenue 4th floor
New York, NY 10172-0003

(posted Sun 8 Feb 98)

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