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DEC 1997




Stories published December 1997
reviewed by Mark R. Kelly

"El Castillo de la Perseverancia", Howard Waldrop (Asimov's Dec 97) A tale about masked Mexican wrestlers in the 1960s and the spectral forces that use them to stage a classic morality play.

"Crossing Chao Meng Fu", G. David Nordley (Analog, Dec 97) Rigorous yet humanistic hard SF about explorers on the south pole of Mercury (with a descent into a crevasse scene similar to Benford/Malartez's). It's a prequel to a story involving the same poet-protagonist, 1993's Hugo-nominated "Into the Miranda Rift".

''Get a Grip'', Paul Park (F&SF Dec 97; Omni Online 3/97) A man learns the world doesn't make sense because it's not real.

''Glass Earth Inc.'', Stephen Baxter (Odyssey Nov/Dec 97) Brilliant, idea-rich tale of a murder investigation in 2045 London that reveals the dangers of information technology that filters and manipulates reality.

"Newsletter", Connie Willis (Asimov's Dec 97) A woman harried by holiday hustle and bustle notices that people are unusually nice -- and wonders if aliens have taken over. Funny, charming, and wise in the ways of trashy movies.

''Tomorrow Tea'', Laurel Winter (F&SF Dec 97) Delicate tale of two sisters who create blends of tea to sell to an itinerant buyer.

''Walter's Christmas Night Musik'', Susan J. Kroupa (Realms of Fantasy Dec 97) Charming tale of a hapless music store clerk who is visited by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Handel on Christmas Eve, all eager to hear their latest CDs.

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