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7 Dec 1997
Greg Egan's Home Page
This personal website has the author's bibliography and some links to other sites, but the highlights are computer-generated illustrations of physical principles and situations from Egan's Diaspora and ''The Planck Dive'' (Asimov's Feb '98). See how to flatten a torus without squashing it, gravitational waves from binary neutron stars, potential energy wells in 3 and 5 dimensions, views towards and away from black holes, and more. Some graphics are animated with Java applets, and several pages provide the equations behind the pictures. Pretty, and mind-bending.
Star*Line, Newsletter of the Science Fiction Poetry Association
The SFPA is the body behind the annual Rhysling Awards for best SF, fantasy, and horror poetry. There are two winners each year (for short and long poem), and for the past several years the winning works have been published in the annual Nebula Winners anthology. The website is a basic one-page giving subscription information for Star*Line and background on the SPFA, along with a link to editor David C. Kopaska-Merkel's website about another poetry publication, Dreams and Nightmares. (These pages have music!)
Bookwarp, John Gersten's SF Book Reviews page
The collected reviews of an enthusiastic 36 year old white male, sorted by author and indexed (often cleverly) by theme. Reviews are mostly short paragraphs with letter grades. Site also includes lists of Hugo and Nebula winners, and Amazon links. The site is marred by distracting background patterns and occasional solecisms (''Earth'' of the New Sun; ''The'' Doomsday Book), but Gersten's tastes are wide ranging and he's made an effort to cover many of the classics of the genre.
Word Museum
A site for readers and writers of many genres, it says. There are sections for various genres -- horror, 'sci-fi', mystery, mainstream, teens/YA, paranormal, etc. -- and each section offers pages such as Reviews, Previews, Classes, Interviews, and much more. But so far, at least in the 'sci-fi' section, there's virtually no content, only invitations to writers to submit their works. It's unclear what the purpose of the site is; an online readers' club, perhaps.

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