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24 Oct 1997

Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art, Vincent di Fate, foreword by Ray Bradbury (Penguin Studio, Oct 1997, $45.00) Spectacular history and collection of science fiction art by one of its acknowledged masters. A hundred pages of history are followed by two hundred pages of portfolios, from one to four pages each, of artists' works. Artists range from popular favorites Michael Whelan, Wayne Barlowe, and Frank Kelly Freas, to underappreciated masters Richard Powers, Paul Lehr, and John Berkey, to unfamiliar sources of instantly recognizable works such as James E. Bama, Lou Feck, and Robert Pepper. The commentary traces the history of the genre and is informed by di Fate's insights into artistic techniques. The selection is limited to SF art, though; you won't find Thomas Canty here. Di Fate will just have to do another book. Infinite Worlds may well be the single best book of SF art ever published. (Mark R. Kelly)
Earthquake Weather, Tim Powers (Tor, Oct 1997, $24.95) As close as Powers has come to the trilogy form, this new book is to an extent a sequel to two previous books, Last Call and Expiration Date: a California tale to install a new King of the West. "Once again, Powers managed to win me over, with his ability to invoke the full forces of nature, both human and beyond humanity, in this place with its own special versions of the seasons, as they change, and change again." -- Faren Miller, Locus, August 1997.
Violin, Anne Rice (Knopf, Oct 1997, $25.95) A non-series, and relatively short, new novel with suggestive autobiographicl elements. "For Rice, it's something of an experiment, and I'm not sure it entirely works. But I'm still glad she took the plunge, back into her own unique version of temps perdu." -- Faren Miller, Locus, October 1997.
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