Table of Contents, October 1987

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Charles N. Brown
Faren C. Miller
Carolyn F. Cushman
Pamela F. Troy
Dan Chow
Richard Curtis
Karen Haber
Fritz Leiber
Frank M. Robinson
Amy Thomson
Tom Whitmore
Shelly R. Clift
Trevin J. Matlock
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Table of Contents
1987 Hugo Awards Winners p.1
Conspiracy Draws 5,000; Holland in 1990 1
Editorial Matters 3
Bob Shaw: Breaking the Rules 4
Karen Haas Joins Pageant 4
Alternate Realities Folds 4
Publishing Notes 4
Listening to SF 4
The Data File 5
Clarke Gets $4 Million for Collaborating 5
Doubleday: A New Foundation 5
People & Publishing 7
The Media Scene, Frank M. Robinson 9
Small Wonders, Amy Thomson 11
Locus Looks at Books, Faren Miller 13
Locus Looks at More Books, Tom Whitmore 15
Ace 39,41,43
Avon 35
Baen 12,30,31
Ballantine Books 18
Bantam 14,22,23,36,37,38,40
Capra Press 34
Classified Ads 46
DAW 45
Del Rey 10,53
Doubleday 16
Editorial Matters
It’s been a longer, harder road than usual this
month. We spent most of a week in London, most
of a week at Conspiracy in Brighton, most of a week
at CactusCon in Phoenix, and then two solid weeks
putting this issue together and taking care of
emergencies. I’m scheduled to leave for the
Frankfurt Book Fair October 6th, returning on
October 14th, and will rush through the next issue
before going off to the World Fantasy Convention.
After that, I think I’ll hibernate until March.
Next month’s issue will probably be just as late as
this one. It will probably be mailed at the very end of
October, just as this one will barely make
September. It will feature our own worldcon/
NASFiC coverage with lots of photos, plus written
reports by Pascal Thomas, Mike Glyer, Karen
Haber, Jane Jewell, Dave Clark, and maybe others.
We would also like to squeeze in more of the
moldering foreign material on hand on Polish and
Soviet sf, as well as short interviews with Patrick Tilley
and Richard Tooker. We also have a list of
British forthcoming books, a convention list, a
report from Argentina, and a good many photo stories
on hand.
The front page story on the John W. Campbell
and Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Awards should
have been credited to Elizabeth Anne Hull.
Richard Curtis has no column this issue, but will
be back again in November.
I should be writing up my talks with publishers,
describing my impressions of the British publishing
scene, and talking about sf. But it will have to wait
until at least next month. I’ve been visiting London
for 30 years, and for the first time I took some time
off to sightsee. Carolyn and I visited the National
Gallery, the British Museum, and the Tower of
London. Proof of the latter is shown below.
Carolyn and I were on our way to Britain during
the last mailing. The rest of the staff made do with
help from a smaller than usual group – Joan
Gaustad, Russ Elliott, and Barbara Clifford. They
got pizza. -C.N. Brown
Locus Looks at More Books, Carolyn Cushman 17
Locus Looks at More Books, Dan Chow 19
Moons & Stars & Stuff, Fritz Leiber 21
Complete Hugo Voting 24
1987 Hugo Ceremony 25
Arkady Strugatsky: An Interview 28
SF Summit in Moscow by Paul Brians 29
Magazines Received-August 32
Books Received-August 33
British Books-July 42
Locus Bulletin Board 46
Classified Ads 46
Bestseller Lists 52
Ron Busch Dies 54
Locus Letters 54
ISSUE #321 • VOL. 20, NO. 10 • OCTOBER 1987 Mailing date: September 29,1987
Bob Gavora 38
Heinlein Collection 33
Locus 58
Locus Press 49,51
NAL Signet 6
Popular Library Questar 20
Quality Time Audio 47
SMP Productions 40
Tor insert,2,8,55,59,60
Ultramarine Publishing 44
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