Table of Contents, May 1987

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Charles N. Brown
Faren C. Miller
Carolyn F. Cushman
Pamela F. Troy
Dan Chow
Richard Curtis
Fritz Leiber
Debbie Notkin
Frank M. Robinson
Amy Thomson
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Table of Contents
Blaylock Wins Philip K. Dick Award p.1
Terry Carr Dies 1
Hugo Nominations Delayed 1
Editorial Matters 3
Terry Carr Memorials Planned 4
Harper & Row Sold 4
Three Magazines Fold 4
Philip K. Dick Award Judges 4
Maine Writers War 4
Boskone to Limit Attendance 4
James Blaylock: Out of the Woodwork 5
Big Changes at Unwin/Hyman 5
The Data File 5
People & Publishing 7
Agent’s Corner, Richard Curtis 9
Moons & Stars & Stuff, Fritz Leiber 11
Locus Looks at Books, Faren Miller 13
A/C Projects p.44
Ace 2,47,56
Amazing 27
Avon 18
Baen 51,53,59
Bantam 20,33,49
Berkley 2439,55
Bridge 43
Classified Ads 48
Christian Fantasy Collectibles 34
L.W. Currey 42
DAW ♦ 45
Del Rey 16
Doubleday 12
Franklin Watts 22,23
Editorial Matters
The death of Terry Carr was not sudden – his
health had been declining steadily for the last few
years – but it was still a shock that cut close to the
bone. We were the same age. We’d been friends,
off and on, for maybe 25 years, we’d been near
neighbors for the last 15, and Terry was somewhat
responsible for Locus. He and Ron Ellik ran Fanac
in the fifties, the best of the fannish newsletters.
When Ron was killed in an auto accident, I decided
to start a fannish newsletter similar to Fanac as a
memorial. There were other reasons for starting
Locus, and it quickly began to emphasize sf as well as
fandom, but Fanac was the starting point. Terry
became a Locus columnist in the early seventies and
won a Hugo for fan writing. We both felt that the
exposure in Locus helped. Locus moved farther
away from fandom and fannish writing, and we
parted company, but we stayed friends. Terry and
Carol hosted the annual New Years Party; I usually
hosted Thanksgiving Dinner. Suddenly we were
professionally connected again, in a strange
turnabout. I was writing an annual article for Terry’s
“Best of the Year”, and he got to crack the whip over
me. I’m a horrible procrastinator and, in 13 years, I
was never early or even on time with the article. I
would invariably write it in an all-night session, and
Terry would be there in the morning to take it away,
edit it, and mail off the book. He never lost his
temper with me, and never seemed annoyed; he just
kept pushing until I did it. He had grace and charm.
I could probably write reams about Terry Carr the
editor, or Terry Carr the football fan, or Terry Carr
the jazz expert, or best of all, Terry Carr the
humorist. But I’ll leave that to others. I’ll remember
the grace and charm for a long time.
Linda Gerstein says she didn’t quit Warner to go
back to school. She’s doing graduate work part-time
and freelancing for several publishers.
Sam Moskowitz wrote that the New Jersey award
and grant we mentioned was the official presentation
for those already in the New Jersey Literary
Hall of Fame. He was a charter member in 1977.
Once again, we have a problem with Jill Karla
Schwarz. She did the cover for The Model by Robert
Aikman (Locus, April, p.27) not Firebird (same
page). Just cross her name out from the top row
credits and move it to the end of the bottom row,
and everything will be ok. (Kevin Eugene Johnson
did the Firebird cover, etc.) Jill Karla Schwarz has
now popped up as Bruce Fergusson and Kevin
Eugene Johnson. I wonder where she will be next.
Please note that the ad on page 34 in this issue is
for an illustrated collectors plate with a poem on the
I’ve always been fascinated by facts and figures,
and frequently end up with them in my editorial file
in order to use them, as stories. Unfortunately, I
usually don’t get around to writing the stories. From
now on, you can have, unadorned, the notes that
have fascinated me.
1) 19% of all book buyers check the sf section in
bookstores. 44% of those who check sf first, check
action/adventure next.
2) Dennis L. McKiernan, whose “Iron Tower”
trilogy has been a bestseller for NAL, is a 55-yearold
electrical engineer who only started writing a few
years ago. David Eddings, who had his first major
(Continued on page 57)
LOCUS May 1987 / 3
Small Wonders, Amy Thomson 15
Locus Looks at More Books, Debbie Notkin 17
Locus Looks at More Books, Dan Chow 17
The Media Scene, Frank M. Robinson 19
International Conference on the Fantastic 25
British Books-February 26
Upcoming British Books 28
Convention Listings 31
Magazines Received-March 36
Books Received-March 38
Classified Ads 48
Bestseller Lists 52
Obituaries & Appreciations: Richard Wilson,
Ejler Jakobsson, Bea Mahaffey,
Arch Oboler, Patrick Troughton,
Erskine Caldwell, Vemell Cornell 54
ISSUE #316 • VOL. 20, NO. 5 • MAY 1987 Mailing date: April 24,1987
G.K. Hall 41
Harmony 35
Kerosina 32
Little/sf 37
Locus 58
NAL/Signet 8
Popular Library/Questar 29
Rave Reviews 40
St. Martin’s 14
Three Geese in Flight 40
Tor insert,60
Underwood-Miller 46
Ursus Imprints 10
Warner 6
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