Table of Contents, September 1984

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Charles N. Brown
Faren Miller
Donna Burriston
Dawn Atkins
Norman Spinrad
Richard Curtis
Fritz Leiber
Debbie Notkin
Dan Chow
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Contents Ursula K. Le Guin: Down to Earth….p.1
World Fantasy Awards Nominations…. 1
Wolfe Wins Campbell Memorial Award.. 1
Olympics Out, LACon I n …………… 1
Editorial Matters………………… 3
Announcements…………………….. 3
Kit Williams, Visual Philosopher…. 4
The Serial Universe………………. 4
Warner’s Questar Postponed………. 4
Amazing Spielberg Stories………… 4
Clarke Signing……………………. 5
K-Mart Buys Waldenbooks………….. 5
Book N otes……………………….. 5
The British Book Scene…………… 5
People & Publishing………………. 7
Agent’s Corner, Richard Curtis…… 9
Moons & Stars & Stuff, Fritz Leiber. 11
Locus Looks at Books, Faren
Miller………………………. 13
Locus Looks at More Books, Debbie
Notkin………………………. 15
Locus Looks at More Books, Dan Chow. 17
Stayin’ Alive, Norman Spinrad……. 19
Along Publishers R o w …………….. 22
Locus Fiction Supplement…………. 26
Tentative LACon Program………….. 28
Convention Listings………………. 29
Westercon 1984…………………… 30
Skycon 1984………………………. 32
Society of Illustrators SF Show….. 32
Magazines Received—July…………. 36
Books Received—Jul y…………….. 38
Classified A d s …………………… 49
Bestseller Lists…………………. 52
ISSUE #284- VOL. 17, NO. 9 • SEPTEMBER 1984 Mailing Date: August 16, 1984
Announcements Starting in October, National Pub l i c
Radio w i l l introduce a ha l f – h o u r drama
series c a l l e d t h e c a b i n e t OF DOCT O R
F R I T Z . (The name refers to a special
recording device used in the production,
not to author Fritz Leiber.) The first
pr o g r a m to be aired, in three parts, is
“The Mist” by Stephen King; the entire
90 minutes will air again on Halloween.
The next is “Aura”, a c h i l l e r by Car l o s
Fuentes. Then come two stories by Craig
Strete, “The Bleeding Man” and “Saturday
Night at the White Woman Watching Hole”.
The fifth dram a t i z a t i o n is “Sticks”,
from the story by Karl Edward Wagner;
this was previously aired in 1982. The
series concludes with a six-part version
of Ishmael Reed’s novel MUMBO JUMBO.
This fa l l The Ameri c a n U n i v e r s i t y of
Washington, DC, will offer a non-credit
seminar “Fantasy and Science Fiction”,
taught by Henry V. Shoates. Enrollment
costs $75. There w i l l be a total of
eight three-hour seminars. For further
information, call (202) 885-2500.
On N o v e m b e r 10th from 10am to 4 pm.
University of California/Santa Cruz Extension
will have a non-credit seminar,
“The Great Years Ahead: Beyond 1984”,
featuring appearances by Ray Bradbury
and artist Joseph Mugnaini. The cost is
$45, and e n r o l l m e n t is limited. For
further information, contact UC E x t e n sion,
Santa Cruz CA 95064; (408) 429-
The 1984 National Fantasy Fan Federation
Amateur Short Story Contest is now
open to all amateur writers — defined
as those who hav e sol d no more than two
stories to p r o f e s s i o n a l publications.
For further information, write to Donald
Franson, 6543 Babcock Ave, North H ollywood
CA 91606 (do not send manuscripts
to him). The d e a d l i n e for entries is
December 1, 1984.
Theodore C o g s w e l l has signed a c o n tract
with Advent: P u b l i s h e r s for the
publication of the collected PROCEEDINGS
STUDIES. If any of the contributors
don’t want their contributions to appear
in the c o l l ection, p l e a s e inform C o g s w
e l l at once at 108 Robinson St., C h i n chilla
PA 18410.
Bob Schwartz is trying to locate Don-
(Continued on p a ge 58)
The s i x t y -p a g e c o l o r i s s u e o f L o c u s came up
fa s t e r than I thought and w i l l p ro b ab ly c o n t in ue.
Whenever we had a la r g e r s i z e , i t ‘ s become
standard w ith in s i x months. T he re ‘s more te xt
In t h i s i s s u e (and more ad s) than e v e r b e fo re .
P le a s e n ote th e new p r i c e s f o r s u b s c r ip t io n s
and re n ew a l s p lu s th e new c o v e r p r ic e . Our
a d v e r t i s i n g r a t e s a l s o went up. We’l l a cc ep t
renewals a t the o ld ra te through September 15th
i n s te a d o f L a b o r Day as o r i g i n a I I y announced.
Ads paid fo r p r io r to September 15th w i l l a l s o
ge t the o ld ra te s . For th o se real l y in t e re s t ed,
l i f e t i me su b sc r i p t io n s are a v a il abl e a t ten
t im e s th e o n e -y e a r r a t e — $210 seco nd c I a s s ,
$280 f i r s t c l a s s i n the U.S., and ten times any
of the o ld e r fo re ig n ra te s , up to the 15th. We
a re a l s o t r y i n g a new p r i n t e r and do n ot know
e x a c t ly how t h i s is su e w i l l look. The la rg e r
s iz e cre a te s oth er problems: lo nger lead times
and t i g h t e r s c h e d u le s . We a l s o need a b ig g e r
s ta t io n wagon to move i t.
I th in k my Freudian s l i p Is showing. The one
p e r so n I f o r g o t t o id e n t i f y i n th e Gu es s Who?
p h o to c o n t e s t (L o c u s 282 page 4 9 , L o c us 283
e d i t o r ia l ) was my e x -w ife , Marsha Brown. She’ s
i n th e se co nd row, t h i r d from th e r i g h t , and
ra te s an apology.
R e s id e n t n i t p i c k e r Leo D o ro sc h e n k o p o in te d
o u t t h a t P. S c h u y le r M i I I e r ‘ s “The R e fe re n c e
L ib r a r y ” In A s to u nd i n g / A n a l og had a lo n g e r
u n in t e r ru p t e d run th a n B a i r d S e a r l e s ‘ F&SF
movie reviews.
The upcoming T ip t re e c o l le c t io n of her Yucatan
s t o r ie s w i l l be from Arkham House, not Arb
o r House.
When TSR Hobbi es bought AmazIng S t o r ie s s e v e
ra l ye ars ago, we predicted a re n a is sa n ce fo r
the o ld e s t of s f s p e c ia l t y magazines. I t never
happened. The new company did n ’t put any money
i n to e x p a n s io n o r eve n i n to ads p u s h in g s u b s
c r ip t io n s , and the c i r c u la t io n went lower and
lower t o the present p o in t where i t ‘ s impossib
le t o f in d i t on the newsstands and i t s to ta l
c i r c u l a t i o n b a r e ly q u a l i f i e s i t as a p r o f e s –
s io n a l magazine. George S c i t h e r s has done a
good j ob on e d i t in g , but the magazine needs an
audience. The Spie lbe rg-co n n e c te d program (see
page 4) i s prob ab ly the la s t chance the re i s to
t r y and s a v e i t , and i t may eve n now be to o
late. But i t won’t change an yth in g u n le s s TSR
i s w i l l i n g to do the expansion and a d v e r t i s in g
now. I f the magazine i s a v a i la b le when the tv
program comes up, i t can o n ly h e lp . I f i t ‘s
s t i l l im p o s s ib l e t o f i n d , fo r g e t i t and j u s t
get on with the fu n e ra l.
L a s t is su e we mentioned the R u s s ian s e r i a l i z
a t io n of 2010 where C la r k e s lip p e d through the
names of d is s id e n t s a s crew members. Recen tly
we g o t a note from C la r k e in d ic a t in g t h a t h i s
f r ie n d V a s il i Zakharchenko, the e d ito r of the
magazine, has been forced t o re s ig n fo r “embarra
s s i ng the government” and th a t the s e r ia l i zat
i on h as been s to p p e d . ” I n e v e r even c o n s id ered
the p o s s i b i l i t y that the novel would appear
in the USSR,” s a id C la rke . ” I gather that
h i s f r ie n d s a re a n g ry w ith me, b u t tho ugh I am
n a t u r a l l y d i s t r e s s e d I don’ t fe e l t h a t I’m to
We’ve always ta lk e d about the p o l i t i c a l Imp
l i c a t i ons o f s f , but i t u s u a l l y i s n ‘ t t h a t
d ire c t .
Ma i l i n g help on i s s u e 283 was fu r n i s h e d by
B i l l Contento, M ikey Roessner-Herman, Richard
Herman, E l l en Levere nz, Miriam R od s te i n, Barbara
Ke nn edy, and th e (u n )u su a l L o c u s s t a f f ,
Faren, Donna, and Dawn. Thank you al l .
— C. N. Brown
LOCUS September 1984 / 3