Classic Reprints, October

* Brust, Steven : The Book of Dzur
(Tor 978-0-765-32895-3, $15.99, 400pp, trade paperback, October 2011)
• Nominal Publication Date: Tue 11 Oct 2011

Omnibus of two fantasy novels in the author’s long-running Vald Taltos series, Dzur (2006) and Jhegaala (2008).
• This follows earlier Tor omnibus The Book of Dragon (June 2011), and three Ace volumes that collected the first seven novels in the series.
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Classic Reprints, September

Anderson, Poul : Young Flandry
(Baen 978-1-4391-3465-8, $7.99, 752pp, mass market paperback, September 2011)
• Nominal Publication Date: Tue 30 Aug 2011
(First edition: Baen, January 2010)

Omnibus collection of three novels, the fourth volume on Baen’s series collecting Anderson’s “Technic Civilization” saga, following The Van Rijn Method (Sept. 2008), David Falkayn: Star Trader (Jan. 2009), and Rise of the Terran Empire (June 2009).
• This book includes Ensign Flandry ...Read More

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Classic Reprints, August

Brunner, John : Stand on Zanzibar
(Orb 978-0-765-32678-2, $19.99, 576pp, trade paperback, August 2011)
• Nominal Publication Date: Tue 16 Aug 2011

SF novel set in an overpopulated future, blending several story lines in a collage structure famously modeled on John Dos Passos’ “U.S.A.” trilogy.
• Bruce Sterling provides an introduction.
• The publisher’s site has this description with a PDF excerpt.
• The novel won the Hugo, British SF ...Read More

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