Weekly Bestsellers, 17 September 2018


Several titles debut on lists this week, most prominently a new Forgotten Realms novel by R.A. Salvatore, Timeless (Harper Voyager), ranking as high as #11 on the Publishers Weekly list.

Also: Flight or Fright, an anthology edited by Stephen King and Bev Vincent and published by Cemetery Dance — the second title from that publishers ever compiled on these pages, after Gwendy’s Button Box by King and Richard ...Read More

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Paul Di Filippo reviews Michael Bishop

The Sacerdotal Owl and Three Other Long Tales, by Michael Bishop (Fairwood Press 978-1933846729, $17.99, 280pp, trade paperback) August 2018

Vividly do I recall purchasing the 1970 issue of Galaxy magazine that contained Michael Bishop’s first story sale, “Piñon Fall.”  After all, I was only sixteen years old at the time, and in the midst of my own personal Golden Age of SF immersion.  Liking the eerie and evocative ...Read More

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Blinks: Ansible; Harari; reviews by Bradley, Brown, Wolfe; Edelman

» David Langford’s Ansible 374

» Wired: Yuval Noah Harari on science fiction, and Harari’s episode at Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy

» Spectator: James Bradley reviews Christopher Priest’s An American Story

» Guardian: Eric Brown reviews Peter F Hamilton, Tamora Pierce, Catherynne M Valente, Jasper Fforde, Martin Millar

» Chicago Tribune: Gary K. Wolfe reviews Abbey Mei Otis, Jeffrey Ford, John Varley

» Scott Edelman dines with Don McGregor ...Read More

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New Books : 4 September 2018

Ten years of Tor.com short fiction in Irene Gallo’s anthology Worlds Seen in Passing, J.R.R. Tolkien’s unfinished The Fall of Gondolin, Stephen King & Ben Vincent’s anthology Flight or Fright, and new titles by Stephen Aryan, Larry Correia, Jaine Fenn, Sean Grigsby, Peter F. Hamilton, Nick Mamatas, Michael J. Martinez, Jack McDevitt, Seanan McGuire, Patrick Ness & Rovina Cai, Tim Pratt, Justina Robson, Greg van Eekhout, Steve ...Read More

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Paul Di Filippo reviews Irontown Blues by John Varley

Irontown Blues, by John Varley (Ace 978-1-101-98937-1, $16, 304pp, trade paperback August 2018

The science fiction and fantasy genres are conducive to long-lived series. Any number of writers who have managed to contrive extensive careers have found fandoms who relish receiving continuing installments of their favorite sagas. Sometimes enthusiastically, sometimes reluctantly, these writers keep the franchises ticking along. Jack Williamson gave us The Legion of Space in 1947–and in ...Read More

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Paul Di Filippo reviews A Voice in the Night by Jack McDevitt

A Voice in the Night, by Jack McDevitt (Subterranean 978-1-59606-880-3, $40.00, 464pp, hardcover) 31 August 2018

With nearly two dozen novels published, Jack McDevitt is one of those writers whose sturdy and engaging presence in the territory of long-form fiction definitely overshadows his stature at shorter lengths. But since his first story sale in 1981–nigh unto forty years ago, impossible as that seems!–he has accumulated, by ISFDB’s catalog, over ...Read More

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Blinks: Reviews from SFC, Guardian, LAT, and Security Boulevard (of Gary K. Wolfe)

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Hannu Rajaniemi, Rebecca Roanhorse, Maria Dahvana Headley

» Guardian: Eric Brown reviews Rober Jackson Bennett, Stephen Palmer, Sam Hawke, SJ Morden, and Candas Jane Dorsey

» LA Times: Swapna Krishna reviews Thea Lim, Rachel Heng, Bina Shah

» Security Boulevard reviews Gary K. Wolfe’s How Great Science Fiction Works ...Read More

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Paul Di Filippo reviews The End of All Our Exploring by F. Brett Cox

The End of All Our Exploring, by F. Brett Cox (Fairwood Press 978-1933846712, $17.99, 306pp, trade paperback) August 2018

Like a fine vintage wine, Brett Cox’s career has been slowly ripening, almost subliminally, for some time now, a vault-ensconced treasure that we handle and inspect at intervals, as if turning a precious stored bottle to prevent sedimentation, always anticipating the day when the long season’s whole batch is ready ...Read More

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New Books : 7 August 2018

Tim Powers’ novel Alternate Routes, Jo Walton’s An Informal History of the Hugos: A Personal Look Back at the Hugo Awards, 1953-2000, Martha Wells’ Rogue Protocol, Nebula Awards Showcase 2018 edited by Jane Yolen, and other titles by RJ Barker, John Dixon, Nicky Drayden, L. Timmel Duchamp, V.M. Escalada, Rachel Fellman, Eric Flint, Laurell K. Hamilton, Mercedes Lackey et al, Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro, Dale Lucas, Ari Marmell, Mary ...Read More

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An Awful Warning, in More Ways Than One: Gary Westfahl Reviews The Darkest Minds

If anyone is glancing at this review for advice on which films to see this weekend, my recommendation would be to avoid The Darkest Minds. For while it is competently executed and offers some superficial novelties, it is a film that most people have already seen several times, and since two similar franchises to be discussed have failed to generate expected sequels, it may be that many filmgoers are growing ...Read More

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Paul Di Filippo reviews Annex by Rich Larson

Annex, by Rich Larson (Orbit 978-0-316-41654-2, $15.99, 368pp, trade paperback) July 2018

I’ve been enjoying the stories of Rich Larson for a couple of years now, amazed at his rate of production and polished skills. (Over a hundred tales sold since his debut in 2011, with several taken for best-of compilations.) So his first novel is a book greatly anticipated, and, happily, it lives up to the measure and ...Read More

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