Anyone whose interest in SF extends beyond reading it to wanting to read about it should be aware of LOCUS.
–The New York Times

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Through my entire professional life, LOCUS has been the prime source of information on the culture, craft, and business of science fiction and fantasy publishing.
–Elizabeth Bear

LOCUS is a monthly full-color trade journal, founded in 1968, promoting science fiction, fantasy, and horror literature. Our readership consists of chain and independent book buyers, librarians, publishers, bookstore owners and managers, and other science fiction professionals, as well as dedicated SF readers. The magazine has won the Hugo Award, science fiction’s highest honor, 30 times.

Available in print, epub, kindle, and PDF formats, LOCUS is famous for its book reviews and author interviews, recommended titles lists and analysis of the SF field, monthly bestseller list, comprehensive monthly listing of SF books published, and coverage of newsworthy events. Our average reader is 45 years old, college educated, has been reading science fiction since their teenage days, and spends over $2,000 per year on science fiction books, magazines, movies, and conventions.