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* Purdom, Tom : When I Was Writing
(Tom Purdom B004KZOTKS, $1.3, ebook, November 2011)

Literary memoir, published in installments in The New York Review of Science Fiction, and available for free on the author's website.
• Now available for Kindle (link on cover image) and Nook.
• The author has also released Kindle and Nook editions of three novelettes ("Bank Run", "Controlled Experiment", and "The Mists of Time"), and for Nook, a collection, Muskets, Swords, and Dragons: Three 18th Century Historical Fantasies.

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* Rosenberg, Aaron : The Birth of the Dread Remora
(Crossroad Press B004LP2GXE, $2.99, ebook, January 2011)

Space opera novel, first in the "Tales of the Scattered Earth" series to be written by various authors, about the first ship to leave its planet, where the crew makes discoveries about the dangers of the ether.
• The book was first published digitally, in Kindle, ePub, PDF, and Mobi formats -- see the publisher's order page for details. There is subsequently a trade paperback edition published in April, and an audiobook edition is forthcoming.
• Future volumes of the series will be written by Steven Savile and David Niall Wilson.

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Sheckley, Robert : Immortality, Inc.
(Untreed Reads B004H4XRKK, $4.99, ebook, December 2010)

Ebbok edition of Sheckley's classic 1958 novel (originally titled Immortality Delivered), about a man whose consciousness is transported into a new body in 2110.
• The publisher's site has this description and order page. It's available in epub, mobi, PDF, and other formats.
• Amazon has reader reviews.

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* Spinrad, Norman : Quarantine
(Norman Spinrad B004RHB5VU, $3, ebook, March 2011)

SF novelette of genetic engineering and pharmacological warfare in New York City.
• Spinrad's post about the book calls it an "experiment" and explains why the story was rejected by all the major magazines.
• Amazon has several reader reviews.
• Also available for Nook.

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* Swaim, Don : Bright Sun Extinguished
(Amazon Digital Services B004LB5BI0, $5.99, ebook, January 2011)

Dark fantasy novella, set in a post-apocalyptic past, about two people out to assassinate Norman Mailer.
• The author wrote 1988 novel The H.L. Mencken Murder Case, just republished in trade paperback. His website,, is all about Ambrose Bierce.
• Amazon has a couple 5-star reader reviews.

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New SF/F/H E-Books:
January-April 2011

posted 27 April 2011

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