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Sunday 20 July 2008,
updated Wednesday 23 July 2008

Shirley Jackson, Rhysling, Cordwainer Smith Awards Winners

Awards winners announced this weekend at Readercon in Burlington, Massachusetts, include the first annual Shirley Jackson Awards, for "outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic". Winners and nominees are listed here:

  • Generation Loss, Elizabeth Hand (Small Beer Press)
  • Baltimore, Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden (Bantam Spectra)
  • Sharp Teeth, Toby Barlow (William Heinemann)
  • The Terror, Dan Simmons (Little, Brown)
  • Tokyo Year Zero, David Peace (Knopf)
  • "Vacancy", Lucius Shepard (Subterranean #7)
  • 12 Collections, Zoran Zivkovic (PS Publishing)
  • Illyria, Elizabeth Hand (PS Publishing)
  • The Mermaids, Robert Edric (PS Publishing)
  • "Procession of the Black Sloth", Laird Barron (The Imago Sequence and Other Stories)
  • The Scalding Rooms, Conrad Williams (PS Publishing)
  • "The Janus Tree", Glen Hirshberg (Inferno)
  • "The Forest", Laird Barron (Inferno)
  • "The Swing", Don Tumasonis (At Ease with the Dead)
  • "The Tenth Muse", William Browning Spencer (Subterranean #6)
  • "Thumbprint", Joe Hill (Postscripts #10, Mar 2007)
  • "The Monsters of Heaven", Nathan Ballingrud (Inferno)
  • "Holiday", M. Rickert (Subterranean #7)
  • "A Murder of Crows", Elizabeth Ziemska (Tin House #31, Spr 2007)
  • "Something in the Mermaid Way", Carrie Laben (Clarkesworld Mar 2007)
  • "The Third Bear", Jeff VanderMeer (Clarkesworld Apr 2007)
  • "Unique Chicken Goes in Reverse", Andy Duncan (Eclipse One)
  • The Imago Sequence and Other Stories, Laird Barron (Night Shade Books)
  • The Bone Key, Sarah Monette (Prime Books)
  • The Entire Predicament, Lucy Corin (Tin House)
  • Like You'd Understand, Anyway, Jim Shepard (Knopf)
  • Old Devil Moon, Christopher Fowler (Serpent's Tail)
  • Inferno, Ellen Datlow, ed. (Tor)
  • At Ease with the Dead, Barbara & Christopher Roden, eds (Ash-Tree Press)
  • Dark Delicacies 2, Del Howison & Jeff Gelb, eds. (Running Press)
  • Logorrhea, John Klima, ed. (Bantam Spectra)
  • Wizards, Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois, eds. (Berkley)


    In addition this year's Rhysling Awards for science fiction poetry, presented by the Science Fiction Poetry Association, were announced, including the organization's third Grand Master Poet award, following Bruce Boston in 1999 and Robert Frazier in 2005.

    winner: "Eating Light", F. J. Bergmann (Mythic Delirium Summer/Fall 2007)
    2nd place: "Ice Palace", Margaret Atwood (The Door McClelland & Stewart, 2007)
    3rd place: "The Oracle on River Street", Rachel Swirsky (Goblin Fruit Summer 2007)
    winner: "The Seven Devils of Central California", Catherynne M. Valente (Farrago's Wainscot Summer 2007)
    2nd place: In Deepspace Shadows, Kendall Evans (Mythic Delirium Books)
    3rd place: "The Engineer", Bryan Dietrich (Isotope: A Journal of Literary Nature and Science Writing Fall/Winter 2007)
    winner: Ray Bradbury



    Finally, this year's Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award, given to a "science fiction or fantasy writer whose work displays unusual originality, embodies the spirit of Cordwainer Smith's fiction, and deserves renewed attention or 'Rediscovery' ", was presented to Stanley G. Weinbaum. It was presented by Barry Malzberg on Friday evening, in a short and funny ceremony.

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