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Wednesday 31 May 2006

2007 International SF/Fantasy Conference in Chengdu

SF World sends the following invitation:

2007 International SF/Fantasy Conference in Chengdu Right before Nippon 2007 in Yokohama, Japan, China is going to host an international sf/fantasy conference in Chengdu, Sichuang. Both events construct an inspiring Asian sf trip, and we sincerely invite you to join us.

Chengdu, a city in the middle Sichuang Province of China, has a celebrity of “Heavenly Nation.” Here lies the mysterious ancient Shu-Han culture as well as the unique panda natural reserve park on earth. And this pleasant tour city is also the home of a glorious sf magazine: Science Fiction World.

Science Fiction World was established in 1979 and has composed a history of almost 30 years. It once won the WSF award of Best Periodical, and now has a circulation of 300,000. It is the most influential sf magazine in China and enjoys the largest circulation among its kind in the world.

The Science Fiction World Publishing Co. has launched a couple of magazines, which cover all branches of sf and fantasy, and becomes the utmost sf publishing house in China. The Galaxy Award, which is as well administrated by The Science Fiction World, is the supreme honor in this field. The winning of this award is regarded as a Chinese sf writer’s distinctive achievement.

Science Fiction World has devoted itself to advance the communication between the Chinese sf and its counterparts in the rest of the world. They have published two magazines—Translated Science Fiction and Translated Fantasy—and a World SF/Fantasy Master series in order to introduce foreign sf writers to Chinese readers. They also twice hosted WSF conference in 1991 and 1997. SF writers and scholars are invited to China not only to share their works but to catch the SF fever along with the largest fan group on earth.

Ten years has passed, now Science Fiction World delivers another invitation. We ask SF writers and fans around the world come to China, to share your knowledge and happiness with your Chinese comrades, to witness the 2007 Galaxy Award Ceremony, and to cross the boundary to experience the wonder of Chinese science fiction.

Chinese SF welcomes you in 2007!

Provisional Program
August 24, 2007: Registration
August 25-26: Panels and Conversations, the Ceremony of Galaxy Award
August 27: A Tour in the magical mysterious “Heavenly Nation”

A Friendly Notice:
Friends who also participate in Nippon 2007 could take a direct flight to Tokyo from Chengdu International Airport. The daily flight takes off at 13:40 (local time) and arrives Narita Airport around 21:00.

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