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Saturday 6 May 2006

Brian Bieniowski, Sheila Williams, Daryl Gregory, George Krauter, Stanley Schmidt, Trevor Quachri, Richard A. Lovett, David Bartell

Analog/Asimov's Readers' Awards Winners

Winners of Analog Science Fiction and Fact's AnLab Awards and Asimov's Science Fiction's Readers' Awards were announced May 6, 2006, at a breakfast celebration held during the 2006 Nebula Awards weekend in Tempe, Arizona. The editors of the two magazines, Stanley Schmidt and Sheila Williams, announced the results and presented certificates to winners in attendance, Richard A. Lovett, David Bartell, George Krauter, and Daryl Gregory. Also in attendance were the magazines' associate editors, Trevor Quachri and Brian Bieniowski, writers Joe Haldeman, Connie Willis, and Cynthia Felice, and editors Charles N. Brown and Scott Edelman.

AnLab Winners

NOVELLA : "Sanctuary", Michael A. Burstein (Analog Sep 2005)
NOVELETTE : "NetPuppets", Richard A. Lovett & Mark Niemann-Ross (Analog Jun 2005)
SHORT STORY : "Alphabet Angels", Ekaterina Sedia & David Bartell (Analog Mar 2005)
FACT ARTICLE : "Mission to Utah: A Science Fiction Writer’s Adventures at the Mars Society Desert Research Station", Wil McCarthy (Analog Jul/Aug 2005)
COVER : November, George Krauter

Asimov's Readers' Award Winners
NOVELLA : "Diving Into the Wreck", Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Asimov's Dec 2005)
NOVELETTE : "Second Person, Present Tense", Daryl Gregory (Asimov's Sep 2005)
SHORT STORY : "The Children of Time", Stephen Baxter (Asimov's Jul 2005)
POEM : "Newton's Mass", Timons Esaias (Asimov's Dec 2005)
COVER : January, Michael Whelan

Results are determined by a poll of each magazine's readers. Complete results of each magazine's poll will be published in forthcoming issues.

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