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This page lists books newly available in mass-market or trade paperback editions, previously available only in more expensive editions.

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19 October 2004

Asher, Neal : Gridlinked
(Tor 0-765-34905-1, $7.99, 423pp, mass market paperback, September 2004)
(First edition: UK: Macmillan UK, March 2001)

SF novel about a security agent from Earth investigating a disaster with interstellar matter transmitters called 'runcibles' that has wiped out a colony planet. It was Asher's first full-length novel.
• Amazon UK's page for the first edition has a review by David Langford, who calls it "an accomplished rapid-action thriller crammed with high technology, obsessed characters, and the glittering boys' toys of advanced weaponry."
• Asher's homepage has this page of quotes and descriptions of his novels.
(Fri 1 Oct 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


(Golden Gryphon Press 1-930846-30-4, $15.95, 15+288pp, trade paperback, October 2004, cover illustration J.K. Potter)
(First edition: Golden Gryphon Press, September 2002)

Collection of 14 related stories, 3 of them original to this book, about "The Company", a mysterious future organization that sends immortal cyborg time travellers into the past to retrieve historical artifacts and threatened species. The background is also that of several of Baker's novels.
• Amazon's page has the Publishers Weekly review of the 2002 first edition, which concludes "These stories rank among the finest recent work in the field."
• The publisher's site has this description with links to numerous reviews.
(Fri 15 Oct 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Brennan, Herbie : Faerie Wars
(Bloomsbury USA 1582349436, $7.95, 368pp, trade paperback, September 2004)
(First edition: Bloomsbury USA, May 2003)

YA fantasy novel about two teenaged boys, one human, one faerie. Sequel The Purple Emperor has just appeared in hardcover. (description.)
• The author's site is, and there's also dedicated to the series, with this extract.
(Thu 30 Sep 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


(DAW 0-7564-0244-1, $7.5, 19+568pp, mass market paperback, September 2004)
(First edition: DAW, August 2003)

Anthology of 30 original stories, based (as the subtitle says) on songs by Janis Ian, the singer/songwriter who established her career in the '70s with "Society's Child" and "At Seventeen". Authors include Terry Bisson, Joe Haldeman, John Varley, Gregory Benford, Mercedes Lackey, Robert J. Sawyer, Barry N. Malzberg, Stephen Baxter, Nancy Kress, Spider Robinson, David Gerrold, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Orson Scott Card, and many others.
• Amazon has the PW review, and reader reviews.
• The stories by Kress, Turtledove, Varley, and Waldrop were on Locus' recommended reading list for 2003.
(Thu 14 Oct 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Pierce, Tamora : Trickster's Choice
(Random House 0-375-82879-6, $8.95, 422pp, trade paperback, September 2004)
(First edition: Random House, September 2003)

Young adult fantasy novel, first in a two-book series "Daughter of the Lioness", set in the Tortall realm setting of a dozen earlier novels. The second book, Trickster's Queen, has just appeared in hardcover (description).
• The author's website has much information about earlier books.
• The publisher's site has this page and excerpt.
• Placed #7 on this year's Locus Poll for best Young Adult Book.
(Thu 30 Sep 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Ringo, John : Hell's Faire
(Baen 0743488423, $7.99, 378pp, mass market paperback, August 2004)
(First edition: Baen, May 2003)

Military SF novel, fourth in the series about humanity's war with the alien Posleens, following A Hymn Before Battle, Gust Front, and When the Devil Dances. The fifth book, Cally's War (with Julie Cochrane), has just appeared in hardcover.
• Baen's site has a description, with links to excerpts.
(Thu 14 Oct 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Straub, Peter : lost boy lost girl
(Ballantine 0-449-14991-9, $7.99, 336pp, mass market paperback, October 2004)
(First edition: Random House, October 2003)

Horror novel about a suicide, a serial killer, and an abandoned house. The book has its own website,, that displays a video referenced in the story. A sequel, In the Night Room, will be published this month.
• The book won the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in the novel category this past June.
Publishers Weekly called it "one of his finest books to date." Gary K. Wolfe's review last year in Locus Magazine said "it's not only a terrifically satisfying, and often moving, suspense tale, but one of the year's most eminently discussable novels."
• The publisher's site has a description and excerpt.
(Thu 14 Oct 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Stroud, Jonathan : The Amulet of Samarkand
(Miramax 0786852550, $7.99, 462pp, trade paperback, August 2004)
(First edition: Miramax, September 2003)

Young adult fantasy novel about a boy magician-in-training set in an alternate London, first in the "Bartimaeus Trilogy", whose second volume, The Golem's Eye, has just appeared in hardcover. (Description.)
• The Amazon page has a review by Karin Snelson, who calls it "A sophisticated, suspenseful, brilliantly crafted, dead-funny book that will leave readers anxious for more."
(Thu 30 Sep 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Wilson, F. Paul : Sims
(Forge 0-765-34463-7, $7.99, 486pp, mass market paperback, September 2004)
(First edition: Forge, April 2003)

Near-future SF thriller, about a lawyer fighting for the rights of genetically altered chimpanzees created as cheap labor. Parts were previously published as three novellas from Cemetery Dance Publications.
• Amazon has the PW review.
(Thu 30 Sep 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


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