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Science, Fiction, and points in between

Sunday 30 April 2000

Slate's new Omnivore page -- ''a daily digest of arts and argument'' -- is something like what Aether Vibrations would be if Locus Online had lots more time to compile stuff from the web. The page has lots of good links too.

Slate Fri 28 Apr

Stephen H. Dole died April 24 in southern California. He spent his career at the Rand Corporation and was author of Habitable Planets for Man, which Isaac Asimov adapted as Planets for Man (Random House, 1964) -- his 59th book.

Los Angeles Times Sun 30 Apr

• Writer Jay Jennings describes what happened when a humorous New York Times op-ed piece he wrote started circulating on the web, without attribution.

Slate Wed 26 Apr

Robert Wright on Star Wars missile defense, particularly William Safire's defense of same.

Slate Thu 27 Apr

• A Saturday Arts-and-Ideas profile of arch-debunker Robert Park, whose forthcoming book Voodoo Science has been delayed by threats of lawsuits by litigious critics.

New York Times Sat 29 Apr

Salon celebrates Spring fiction fever, ''a season of exceptional books'' by Philip Roth, Michael Ondaatje, and others.

Salon Mon 24 Apr

• Profile of Edward O. Wilson, who ''calls for spiritualizing the environmental movement as Earth endures the greatest mass extinction in 65 million years''.

Salon Sat 22 Apr

• None-too-enthusiastic responses to Alain de Botton's elegant but light treatment of philosophy as self-help, in The Consolations of Philosophy; reviews:

Salon Mon 24 Apr
Los Angeles Times Sun 30 Apr

• Why some antiquarian and used book dealers don't like Alibris.

New York Times Wed 19 Apr

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