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Date period: April - June 2000

This page lists bestselling books and DVDs purchased from through links, direct or indirect, from Locus Online. (Amazon UK doesn't yet provide detailed weekly or quarterly reports that easily summarize these statistics; when it does, those sales will be included in future editions of this list.)

Bestselling book so far in July: J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Cumulative listings of 2000 titles, with Amazon links, are available here.

1) Cities in Flight, James Blish (The Overlook Press)
2) House of Leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski (Pantheon)
3) Calculating God, Robert J. Sawyer (Tor)
4) The Fountains of Youth, Brian Stableford (Tor)
5) The Jazz, Melissa Scott (Tor)
6) Eater, Gregory Benford (Eos)
7) Tangled Up in Blue, Joan D. Vinge (Tor)
8) The Moon and the Sun, Vonda N. McIntyre (Pocket)*
9) The Siege of Eternity, Frederik Pohl (Tor)*
10) The Gate of Fire, Thomas Harlan (Tor)

* These are 'remaindered' hardcovers available from Amazon for 75% off cover price or more.

1) Explorers : SF Adventures to Far Horizons, Gardner Dozois, ed. (St. Martin's Griffin)
2) Evolution's Darling, Scott Westerfeld (Four Walls Eight Windows)
3) The Furthest Horizon : SF Adventures to the Far Future, Gardner Dozois, ed. (St. Martin's Griffin)
4) Empire of Unreason : Book Three of the Age of Unreason, J. Gregory Keyes (Del Rey)
5) Telzey Amberdon, James H. Schmitz (Baen)
6) A Deepness in the Sky, Vernor Vinge (Tor)
7) The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, Joshua Priven & David Borgenicht (Chronicle)
8) Lord of Light, Roger Zelazny (Eos)
9) House of Leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski (Pantheon)
10) The Frank Collection, Jane and Howard Frank (Paper Tiger)
1) Galaxy Quest
2) Sleepy Hollow
3) Independence Day: Special Edition
4) The Sixth Sense
5) Being John Malkovich

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